Our 7-Day Chiang Mai Itineraries have everything you need for an amazing trip to Thailand’s largest northern city. 

We designed these itineraries so that you can have fun without worrying about travel planning and dealing with the stress and questions that usually go along with it.

Since we’ve spent four years exploring Chiang Mai inside and out, we’ve carefully crafted a week’s worth of unforgettable activities, tasty restaurants, and comfortable hotels so that you’ll have a trip of a lifetime.

7-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary

Each 7-Day Chiang Mai Itinerary is a perfectly packaged week-long (seven days and six nights) journey available in four different themes. Each booklet, which is immediately delivered to your email inbox upon purchase, includes a detailed itinerary with:

  • Four memorable activities per day carefully balanced with leisure time
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner dining options including signature or must-try dishes for each meal
  • Trustworthy bicycle, motorbike, and car rental companies
  • Five clean and comfortable hotel recommendations within or very close to the Old City
  • Contact information for easy self booking of all hotels and activities
  • Interactive map with exact locations of hotels, restaurants, and activities
  • BONUS! Set of travel tips (what to pack, how to tip, where to buy medication or a SIM card)
We really loved our trip to Chiang Mai and your blog was incredibly helpful. We purchased the 7 day Adventure Seeker’s Itinerary, too. We originally booked a resort outside of old city [that was] very expensive. Luckily, we were able to cancel and book your recommendation instead and it was an amazing hotel! We loved the cute car bar in the front and the clean, modern rooms. The Terracota Sculptures were so beautiful and the meal we had there was incredible. Take care! - Stephanie and Matt (California, USA)

I’ve been considering a move to Chiang Mai, so I ordered and followed a lot of the Future Expat Itinerary. The itinerary was a mix of tourist activities, places to get massages, and expat-friendly restaurants. All the recommendations were great! My favorite items helped answer my practical questions about where I would shop for groceries, get info about health care, meet already-established expats, etc. Thanks for putting together a well-thought-out itinerary! I got helpful, practical info from you that I couldn’t find anywhere else. - Mike (California, USA)

7 DAYS | $7 USD


Perfect for those who are active and want to explore the outdoors
  • Hike, water raft, zip line, and bike in the hills of Chiang Mai
  • Explore scenic temples, Thai markets, and walking streets
  • Take an unforgettable visit with elephants
  • Enjoy a picturesque overnight stay in floating bungalows
  • Dine at Western and Thai restaurants and try their signature dishes
  • Restore achy muscles and sore feet with several Thai massages


Ideal for those looking to live or slow travel in Chiang Mai
  • Visit the Old City’s popular expat stomping grounds
  • Browse Western stores with familiar comforts for your new home
  • Discover Thai markets and walking streets
  • Enjoy a local lakeside lunch
  • Explore iconic Thai temples and an inner-city park
  • Balanced visits between Thai and Western restaurants
  • Treat yourself to several amazing massages


Best for those looking to experience Chiang Mai's cultural highlights
  • Immerse yourself in Chiang Mai’s unique Lanna Thai culture
  • Join a Thai food cooking class and enjoy a traditional Thai dinner with dance performances
  • Experience a day caring for elephants, an afternoon lunch in the hillside, and an evening chatting with monks
  • Eat your way through some of Chiang Mai’s most delicious authentic Northern Thai restaurants
  • Treat yourself to Thailand’s famous massages


Perfect for family with children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old
  • Relax in forest cafes and explore temples
  • Visit artisan villages and paint your own memorable souvenir
  • Meet the city’s exotic and friendly animals
  • Explore Thai markets and walking streets
  • Cool off in a waterfall and see the city from a beautiful viewpoint
  • Dress up like a local and watch a Thai dancing performance
  • Join in educational, kid-friendly workshops about Thai life

Custom Itinerary | $50 per day

Want more? The Custom Itineraries take it to the next level of personalization and make it easy to travel anywhere in Thailand. Your custom-built itinerary will include the same level of detail as the above itinerary packages in addition to the following upgrades:

  • Thirty minute phone call or video chat discussing your travel goals, style, and budget
  • An itinerary developed around your personal requests
  • All bookings arranged by us, including hotel and tour reservations
  • All private transportation arranged by us
  • Daily events with activity times, payment reminders, and day-trip packing lists
  • Detailed receipts and confirmation numbers of all events
  • Spreadsheet of total approximate trip cost

After speaking with you about your personal travel goals, we’ll draft a travel itinerary and deliver it to you within one week of our conversation. You’ll have two opportunities to make changes to your itinerary as you see fit. The final customized itinerary will be delivered to you within one week of receiving the second round of modifications. There will be absolutely no planning on your part. All you have to do is show up to Thailand and start having fun!


We would like to say thank you for your organising our trip in Chiang Mai. It was beautiful. You saved our time to prepare everything. The most we liked in Chiang Mai were the elephants (amazing experience, crazy Thai boys who are really good for elephants), trip with lady cab (Jasmine is so nice woman. We liked her very much), cooking class and of course massages (especially in spa near market). So, thank you very much again :)
- Agnieszka, Pawel, Milena (Poland)

I am very impressed with the itinerary! It all sounds fantastic, I just wish we were heading to Chiang Mai now to start our adventure. We truly appreciate all the care and effort you’ve put into preparing our itinerary. You have done an excellent job. - Tim and Karen (Colorado, USA)

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