Chiang Mai Local Food Guide


Best for world-traveling foodies looking for authentic Thai food

  • Local delicacies best experienced in Northern Thailand
  • Classic Thai dishes you must eat while you’re in Thailand
  • Non-spicy Thai dishes for those who don’t like heat
  • Spicy dishes for those who aren’t afraid of Thailand’s infamous chili peppers
  • Sweet options that shine a spotlight on tropical Thai fruit


Whether you visit every restaurant in this guide during your time in Chiang Mai or pick and choose a handful of your favorite dishes, this guide to the city’s best places to eat include:

  • 20 must-try local Thai foods in Chiang Mai
  • Thai and English names of each food
  • Restaurant recommendation for each Thai dish that offers a delicious local version at a local price
  • All restaurant addresses are written in ภาษาไทย to give to your Thai tuk-tuk or songthaew driver
  • Contact information such as address, phone number, and opening hours
  • Color-coded Google map with exact locations of restaurants, food stalls, or markets