Island Lover’s Guide to Koh Chang


Perfect for easygoing beach bums

  • Trek, cycle, snorkel, and learn to cook Thai food
  • Sunbathe on six beaches and two deserted islands
  • Visit stunning waterfalls and viewpoints
  • Visit a local temple and shrine
  • Dine at the best Thai and international restaurants
  • Relax with beachside massages


Whether you do everything in this week-long itinerary or pick and choose a few of your favorite days, this guide to Koh Chang contains:

  • Multiple memorable activities per day balanced with leisure time
  • Three unique restaurant recommendations per day including delicious must-try dishes
  • Trustworthy motorbike and car rental companies and tips to using local transportation
  • Five clean and comfortable hotel recommendations at strategic places around the island
  • Contact information of all hotels and activities for easy self-booking
  • Color-coded Google map with exact locations of hotels, restaurants, and activities
  • Set of travel tips including what to pack, how to tip, and where to buy a SIM card