First, we would like to thank you for being part of our story and for wanting to learn a little about us and why we decided to move halfway around the world!

And the story goes…

What began as a lighthearted joke about “retiring young” quickly grew into something serious. We realized that with hard work, meticulous planning, and some sacrifice, the opportunity to live life on our own terms was well within our reach.

Our Story Wedding

In an attempt to enrich our lives, we broke free of the behavior that American pop culture tells us is normal and acceptable. In the beginning of 2013, we resigned from our jobs, sold almost everything we owned, and boarded a one way flight for a new life abroad. We soon landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand and have been there ever since.

What is Tieland to Thailand?

We started Tieland to Thailand as a way to casually share with our friends and family what life was like as expats living on the other side of the world (quite literally), but it has evolved into so much more.

Tieland to Thailand has become a blog that inspires, informs, and empowers travelers who are curious about what it’s like to leave office life behind and to travel around and live in Thailand. For five and a half years, we have shared the ins and outs about life abroad in a level of detail that our readers hunger for and have come to know and love.

We’ve tackled visa hurdles, new food culture, off-the-beaten path travel spots, teaching English, and budgeting abroad. We’ve written about our experiences with exactness and honesty and have essentially paved the way for the next traveler who wants to follow in our footsteps and make Thailand their home.

We encourage you to explore our site. Get lost in the details and eventually you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow, I should go to Thailand!”

It amazes me how inexpensive it is to have fun in Thailand. Your information is very detail-oriented. This is what your blog stands out from others. Not to mention, all the beautiful pictures. Couldn’t love it more. - Young

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If you love the information found on our blog, we also share experiences and other exciting events about our travels in Thailand (what doesn’t make it on the site) through our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We now have videos on YouTube and Periscope, too. Oh, and be sure to join our free private Facebook group where past, present, and future Thailand expats connect!

About Chris

Chris grew up in three different countries and has moved over a dozen times in his life. Although he first looked forward to residing in one place and settling down permanently after meeting Angela, the travel bug got the best of him, and back in the summer of 2011 he found himself wanting to move again, this time to Thailand!

After serving four years in the U.S. Army’s Presidential Honor Guard, he accepted a corporate leadership position in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He is passionate about health and fitness and has certifications in personal training and nutrition.

Chris is enjoying his new-found freedom to be able pursue the things that inspire him and has found living minimally to be more conducive to traveling. He loves spicy Thai food and the fact that he won’t have to drive in the snow and ice for at least several years. He has spent much of this time experimenting with different workouts, expanding on his web development and social media management skills, and cultivating a positive online community for Thailand expats.

About Angela

Angela grew up close to Washington, D.C. and has lived within a 50 mile radius all of her life. It wasn’t until she was 26 that she finally got her passport and traveled outside the US for the first time. It was the beginning of what was to open her eyes to the wonderful world of traveling.

Angela earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and worked for a research facility for five and a half years before she decided that a major change was needed. 

Angela is always looking for activities to keep her busy. Because of her love for all things food-related, she can be often found spending her free time searching for and experimenting with new recipes, trying out new Thai food from local markets, and finding new restaurants and cafés.

Now in her early 30’s and at the five and a half year mark in Thailand, she is still pursuing her goal of learning to speak and read Thai. She also hopes to continue her uptake of fitness and embracing the slower-paced life in Thailand.

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you are so nice! I am being grateful to see you be impress in our country, Thailand. these all were very wonderful trip and I hope you’ll enjoy with your next trip, it’ll be very exciting to read your blog soon. be pleasure and have fun!


I desperately want to leave my job and move to Thailand. I have no problem with selling all my stuff other than the fact that it will be a lot of work and I probably wont get a lot for most of my things. Over the years I have accumulated way too much and I just don’t want it any more. I want to live a minimalist lifestyle and have more freedom. I own a townhouse right now and I plan to sell that before making a big move like moving to Thailand. I don’t know much about the Visa… Read more »

Pei N.

My husband and I plus a cat will move to Thailand next month. We are so excited and nervous. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll go through all and hope we can learn from you. If you have any tips to make smooth transition, please share. Thank you.


Hi There, Four of us our traveling to Thailand for the first time. We will have 3 weeks. We know we want to see Bankok of course, as well as Chaing Mai, see “wild elephants” in a national park, Kui Buri seems to be the best bet for that, as well as a week on a quiet non party island at the end. We are trying to figure out how to put the itinerary together, and how to travel; flight, car and driver, rental car, train, or as I just saw on your site VIP bus? So I wondered if… Read more »

Dayna Harvey

happy new year!! what a blessing to find your site. i am planning on taking my 17 year old daughter to chiang mai from april 13 – 27. this trip is going to be a surprise for her. she is a junior in high school and is seriously looking at taking a year off in between high school and college to pursue some animal conservation/sanctuary work. her most favorite animals are elephants and that is what will be bringing us to chiang mai. she will be at the elephant nature park. in my reading, i understand that april is a… Read more »


Hi! I’m going to be in Chiang Mai for 4 weeks in July for a medical internship. Is it possible to get around without knowing the language? with only 3 weekends to myself, what are the ABSOLUTE must places to visit and foods to try within that time frame? Any additional tips on staying comfortable in the heat?

Carla Piereck

I am so excited to have learned about your site today and hope to use it in our future travels. Would love for my little girls to take ina different culture and appreciate the little differences in everyday life. Best of luck to you guys!

Karl & Robin Larson

Hello… After many bleary eyed late night blog crawls I found your site and what a difference. We were looking for unbiased information and finally, it seems, found it. Thank you, Chris and Angela. In January 2019 we will be departing LAX bound for Bangkok and then on to Chiang Mai. My brother and his wife own a fruit orchard just outside of Amphoe Fang. After their new home is completed, we will be staying with them. We followed the same steps you did just thirty years later in our lives. We sold the ranch (literally) and sold or donated… Read more »


We (3ppl) are now planning to visit Chaing Mai, Chiang Rai & Pai coming mid-Dec. for 6 days.
Initially was planning to drive around but now that there will be 5 more are joining us.
We have booked all our lodging but what will be the best way to move about within these 3 places?
What do you think a van & a driver? Do they have such service and whom shall we get in touch with?
Thank you very much…..sebastian


Hi guys!
i just read your post about going to Penang for making the extension of your Thai visa and it was very useful, you mentioned that it was the easiest way to do it, where else have you been to renew your visa? I will have to do it next month but Penang is not my favorite destination… maybe some suggestion?


Hello Angela and Chris,

My husband and I are making plans on retiring in Thailand. We both are American citizens, and we were wondering how can we live in Thailand permanently? Interesting to know you, Angela, is from DC. So am I :-)
How do you do it?
Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi Guys,
when you are travelling do you use a cattery?


Wow! This is cool. I felt inspired by your story. I am 31 and living in a Southeast Asian Country. Thailand is actually the first foreign country I have visited, twice actually, in 2016 and in 2017, both in Bangkok. I really didn’t feel different, it’s like I’m in my home country but Thailand is much safer (I can say). I enjoyed the hospitality and politeness of Thai people. They are respectful to their traditions. Most of all, I love Thai food! :) Hoping to pay my next visit soon.

Thanks for putting this online – it’s inspiring. We are visiting Chiang Mai in early October and can’t wait to experience the culture… I hope to get some great photos too …

Michael Pugh

Awesome, incredible, and inspiring. I am a 51 yr young ex US Army combat veteran (11B2PV Chris) living in Chiang Mai a few years. I was thinking of how fantastic it would be to watch the ‘Persid Meteor Shower’ from the top of Doi Inthanon on the evening of Aug 12th. Because of the New Moon, the visibility would be breathtaking and something very special to write about/record. I have never been there but it seems like a great place. I would be very interested to share the experience and cost with positive, healthy people such as yourselves. What do… Read more »

Thank you very much for starting this page, the information is incredibly useful. My husband and I are small business owners (I am an elephant portrait artist) we have corporate travel/tourism/art and teaching backgrounds and have been debating moving between two destinations for the better part of a year. We are actually leading a group of 12 ladies to Chiang Mai in January for an artistic retreat. After the retreat we will be investigating some of the nuts and bolts of moving- I plan to mine this website from top to bottom and just requested to join your FB group.… Read more »


Hello guys! I dont know if I should post here in this area but I am a little desperate because I can’t find information about it. I saw a post from a mexican girl Vanesa Villaseñor in the visa/re entry permit post, and she had the same situation I have now, I don’t know if it is possible I can contact her to check if she could manage to get the re-entry permit through Krabi’s airport or in the immigration office and how hard/easy it is?…. this is her post: Hello I am leaving to Hanoi from Krabi airport and… Read more »

Caroline Macnaughtan

Hi. A couple of weeks ago I read something somewhere on your website about a day motorbike trip (a loop). I can’t find it anywhere! We are in Chiang Mai now and we’re hoping to do this loop but I can’t remember where it goes (was it to a dam?) and directions. Help please if possible – only here for a couple of days.

India Ennis

Hello!! I have been looking everywhere and it seems like Chang Mai checks all the boxes for me except the weather unfortunately but you can’t have everything !! I know that you have said repeatedly that April May and June is unbearable due to the burning -does it make a difference if you live just outside the city proper where it is perhaps, less congested? If not and you must leave the city what do you do? Where you go and how do you make this financially feasible ? I also I’m trying to sell many of my belongings and… Read more »

George M Roe

We are like you but lot older decided to sell everything and move to our place in Lo Khanun been here since July 2017 have battle all the same hurtles.
Love living in Thailand!


Thank you so much for your blog – really enjoyed reading it and all the info. Hope we can meet one day! thank you and have a beautiful sparkly day!

John R Mueller

Thank you. ……you have inspired me…i hope to say hi in Chiang Mai in November! !!


Hi Everyone, I would like to thank Angela and Chris for their very professional web site and advice. Can’t wait until you have your members’ platform ready. I teach Photography and are a practicing Photographer in Australia looking to relocate to Thailand. I hear Chang Mai has a vibrant creative Art scene. Would love to hear more about that or have some contacts. I’m looking to relocate initially into Bangkok as a larger city would have more opportunities to do some work in the creative digital industry. I’m currently researching and doing experimental work using Virtual Reality in Photography and… Read more »

Leeza Silverman

I was a lawyer. Did not sell up everything to ‘YOLO’ which seems current young person thing to do, but worked hard, saved and invested to retired early at 50. Now enjoy living and working in China as a teacher. Retirement and travelling was too boring for me! I come to Thailand twice a year as Chinese jobs have lots of holidays. I am very impressed by the high quality of your blog and joined your Facebook. I am in Chiang Mai now so would like to meet other intelligent people like yourselves. I am interested to help. I can… Read more »


Awesome blog! Was looking around for opinions on Hua Hin. Am thinking of taking a road trip from Malaysia to Hua Hin and is wondering if your opinion on the place still stands?

Kind regards,


Jon Wan

Hi Chris and Angela,

Many thanks for sharing your experience and travels on this blog. It has been insightful and informative.



Hi Chris and Angela

Many thanks for the info provided, really helpful and consistent to make a decision.
I have a job offer in Sisaket from an agency. What would you advise for the below as in location, salary?
28,000-32,000 baht (Salary raise is based on qualifications and experience) + Housing allowance of 3,000 baht per month
– Semester to semester contract
– Free Work Permit
– Necessary documents for Non B visa (2,000 Baht Visa fee compensation per semester)
– 40 ours per week, 18 to 24 periods/week

Thank you in advance for any feedback& keep up the good work!

Jim Taylor

Wife and I have been thinking about moving to Thailand for a few years, Chang Mai not first on the list, would love to live at the beach, Hui Han or Phuket maybe, but I am flexible, might use CM as home base and just ‘vacation’ at the beach a lot. Have a few questions for you now that you have been there for around 4 yrs: Still love it and knowing what you know now, would you do it again and would CM be your home? Is the burning season as bad as I have seen some claim? The… Read more »

Jason McBride

Hi guys, I sent you a private message, then it dawned on me that your answer could be helpful to others. So, I’ll repost my questions here : ). We are a family of 5, one wife, one husband, three small children (ages 4-8), and we’re potentially interested in moving to Asia (possibly Thailand) for a period of 1-3 years. Having small children is a caveat that often separates us from others who dream of leaving the States to reside abroad. Basically, if we’re going to uproot the lives of our children too, we’re hoping for “some” assurances that if… Read more »


Hey, what does Tieland mean? :)


“… won’t have to drive in the snow and ice for a very long time to come”.

I can really relate to that right now! It’s snowing and I just had to shovel. Again.

hiroki hokari

Hi. I just read several posts of you guys and really enjoyed them. I’ve traveled a few countries, but none of them allowed long term stay; I’m talking more than one year. Even if you are some very popular Youtuber with huge amount of income every month(meaning you can be on vacation while earning), the requirement for long term stay is always 1. to work for the local company or 2. to study full-time at local institution. So my question here is, do you actually do ‘the run’ every time or have some other method to stay?


Dear Chris and Angela, are you able to suggest hotels in Chiang Mai close to all of the attractions? Also have you any idea what is the best mode of transport from Krabi areas to Bangkok and how long is the journey? Thanking you kindly.


Thanks for your info on the floating houses! Expat myself living in Hong Kong, from Virginia Beach, and I love Thailand. It’ll be my first time to northern Thailand and I’ll be in Chiang Mai for Chinese New Year on the 28th of January-5th February and really interested in getting on one of the floating bungalows. Any recommendations for Chiang Mai as in personal favorites for pubs and vegetarian restaurants? Looking forward to getting out of this smog in two weeks!!


Good Day
im looking for help as im looking for a teaching psition in Thailand just completed my TEFL course ,Do you possibly have any advise for me


Thanking you kindly I am not sure how my friend will want to schedule the time so will come back to you guys if anything. Warm regards Patrina


Hi Chris and Angela, I am planning a trip to Thailand in the new year and was would like to visit a couple of places whilst there. Please can you tell me how far is Chiang Mai from Ao Nang? What is it likely to cost to get from one place to the other? Lastly is it better seeking out hotels when we get there or better to pre-book? I heard the former is better in terms of cost. Please advise. Thanks

Hi Teresa, we’ll land in CM on Thursday and are looking for a kindergarten for our 5yo. Wondering how it worked out for you, which school you chose? Thanks, Milton.


Hi Chris and Angela,
I read on another blog site that you use a Sony A series mirror-less camera. I just love all your pictures! Which model do you use? What are your three go-to lenses?

Lynette Merry

Hi Chris, we are going to be living in Chiang Mai for 6 months of the year if things all work out for us. I am a bit of a health nut and love organic food etc. I love Thai food but am worried that they use pretty bad quality oils. I personally use Coconut oil for all my cooking. Is there a way to eat healthily while eating out in Chiang Mai? Also what would be your suggestion for the best places to buy organic vegetables, eggs, meat? Thanks so much for your great blog, I really appreciate your… Read more »

Marnille Umawing

Hi Chris and Angela! Although, I’m reading this in 2016 I just want to say “Congratulations and Thank You” for this great read. I’m a Filipino licensed educator who is an adventurer by heart. I recently visited Thailand in July for the very first time and I fell in love in the country instantly. I’m considering of moving there and get a job but after reading your story, I have no more doubts. I really wanted to live there. I look forward to meet you in person and hear more of your journey in this wonderful country. More power and… Read more »


Hi Chris & Angela, I am currently a student taking an international human resource class at Baker College. Our final assignment is on developing an expatriate training program. I decided do my training assignment on Thailand because my husband and I have been there twice over the past 2 years and absolutely fell in love with the country and the people that reside there. Both times, we left there with such a feeling of peace and wellness because of the experiences we had while there. As I was contemplating which country to select, I realized that Thailand was the one… Read more »

Troy Weston

Hey guys,

Awesome website! Everything I have been looking for as I am dropping everything and moving to Thailand on October 26th. Can’t wait! Chris, I am also a personal trainer in the states part time. Are you able to utilize that at all in Thailand? My plan is to explore first, then start teaching English after I find a place to settle. However, I would like to do something with my passion for fitness while over there. Thanks!


Chiang Mai is a beautiful place (except for traffic), but what really gets to me is these visa hassles. Makes you wonder if they really want you to stay :)


Hi, I love your blog. I am going to apply for a Thai tourist visa when I am traveling through India. However, I need to stay in Thailand for 90 days. My question is — When does the visa start? When I receive it? or When I land? Thank you so much.

Kimberly Newby

Your blog is super helpful! I too left corporate america and can’t wait for a new way of life! I am moving to Chiang Mai in a few weeks and am excited to explore the city and the country. I am getting my TEFL certification and then will be teaching, a much needed change from my last career. Will definitely continue to follow you!


Great! I have so much respect to everyone who just leaves its comfort-zone for a new adventure. I started travelling independent around 2 months ago and since then I know already that I never want to work in the same office my whole lifetime to spend 2 weeks on vacation only. That’s not what life is supposed to be, unless you reallly love your job. I even started my own travelblog when I left Austria to share my story with my family and friends … but now I wanna reach and inspire as many people as possible to start travelling… Read more »


Good to hear you’re happy, and SEA surely does have plenty to offer. I reckon it also depends how the worklife has been treating you before. In Europe, we’re lucky to have 5-6 weeks paid vacation pus quite a few national holidays. We are toying with the idea of leaving the corporate world, but to be fair the perks aren’t too bad. Once we’d drop out, there is no way we could keep up what we like most (exploring/eating your way around the world). That’s why we are still hesitant. Anyway, first world problems. All the best to you up… Read more »


Hi guys, great blog! I’m an expat working in Bangkok for two years and have had similar thoughts about moving to Thailand for good.

Here’s my issue: Just like you Chris, I enjoy traveling and seeing the world since I am young. There is so much out there that a lifetime is hardly enough. What are your thoughts on the compromise (beautiful Thailand without corporate obligations on the one hand vs. limited funds for international travel) you have made?


Hi Chris and Angela! I just wanted to thank you for all the great info you provide. My husband and I are now in Chiang Mai and we are coming up on our first visa run. We were still trying to figure out the extension process and your recent post on Multiple Entry Visa really helped to clarify everything. We’ve been following your blog for a while now and you’ve been an amazing resource and a huge inspiration for our big leap overseas! Thanks a bunch!!

Skype is a life-saver. We use it a lot to communicate and it is nice. We figure we can keep him away from his Nonna for a year but not longer. Also, friends are important – so we have put him in school here so he can get some kind of regular interaction with kids and build friendships. At 4.5, it’s a lot easier to make, and eventually say goodbye to, friends than it will be when he’s older so we’re taking advantage of it now. We are looking forward to exploring your adopted home town! Any thoughts on how… Read more »

I bookmarked a page in your blog then decided to read further about who you guys are. We are currently in Chiang Mai (arrived last week) and are doing something similar. We have been in Europe for the past 3 months and now in Chiang Mai until (?) We sold our house(s), car(s) and just about everything else and decided to live a dream we’d talked about for years but could not realize because we were too busy doing what “everyone else does”, make money, buy things, expand our lifestyle to fit our income. When we decided we could do… Read more »

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