Thai Teaching Classroom Chiang Mai Thailand

Today I applied for a job in Thailand.  A teaching job! Ok, ok, one of the main reasons we came to Thailand was because we could afford to live here without having to work. So why apply for a job so soon after leaving one behind in the States?

Why a Teaching Position?

Well, I am interested in working (at least part-time) as a way to supplement our income, plus it gives me a chance to meet new people and it provides me with a little mental stimulation.

I applied for a teaching position that was recommended to me by a lady we met one night out at one of the restaurant/bars we sometimes visit. She told me about a few nearby schools, what positions they were looking to fill, and how much they pay. Right now, I’m looking to get my teaching sea-legs, so I’m happy with part-time work in any subject, just as long as I get to speak mostly in English!

Since March and April is the off-season, now is actually the perfect time to apply. I went to the school and filled out a one-page teaching position application, but I will have to go back and submit a photo of myself attached to a copy of my resume. School begins in May, so I still have a full month to explore Chiang Mai and enjoy my new life of unemployment. Plus it’ll give me another month to get better at speaking and reading basic Thai.

I’m actually pretty excited at the thought of potentially teaching. A few years ago, who would have ever known that I might be teaching math or science to Thai children!

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