Ziplining Eagle Track

Chiang Mai is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and tropical forests, which offers tons of outdoor activities to do while in town. We went on a full day’s excursion through a travel company called Chiang Mai Adventure.  First stop – Eagle Track Zipline!

Below is a video shot from our ziplining trip at Eagle Track Zipline in Mae Rim (an hour north of the Chiang Mai city center) yesterday using our GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. This shows the longest stretch of the stations. Everything was safe and we had a blast with our friends visiting from the USA.

Ziplining in Chiang Mai

The Eagle Track Zipline Staff

Not only was ziplining exhilarating and beautiful, but the experience was made fun because of the staff. Before we began, the friendly staff collected our belongings and made sure loose-fitting shoes were tied securely to your ankles to prevent anyone from having to go barefoot for the rest of the trip. Believe us, you are so high up that there is no chance at recovering anything that is lost or dropped.

Ziplining View

A view from one of the ziplining platforms.

Once they assured our group that our items would be safely secured at the base camp, we were lead over to a small training area to learn the basics of ziplining. Even for those of us that had ziplining experience, we still felt like we benefited from the refresher.

The guides we were assigned were fun, energetic, and showed us the ropes (pun intended) of the lengthy course. They taught us how to go upside down and backwards and even encouraged it as often as they could!

Ziplining Tour

Some of the stations required you to pull yourself in if you didn’t get enough of a running jump.

The Ziplining Course

Eagle Track Zipline offers three different ziplining courses, which range from 15 to 35 separate stations. Because ours was a packaged deal through Chiang Mai Adventure, we did about eight stations that took over an hour to complete. We were allowed to go at our own pace which was convenient for taking pictures and chatting with our friends. Water was provided about halfway through. Be prepared to walk between the stations!

The last station was an awesome spiderman-like vertical descent! When we arrived back at the base camp, we were stripped of our ziplining gear and fed a light meal of fruit, water, and coffee or tea.

Ziplining 400 meters

The 400 meter platform.  It goes on forever!

Ziplining Cost and Verdict

If you book directly with Eagle Track Zipline, the following packages are available:

  • Bronze: 1600 baht (about $50 USD)
  • Silver: 1900 baht (about $60 USD)
  • Gold: 2400 baht (about $75 USD)

Each course offers more stations and different obstacles than the last. Pick up from your hotel is available at various times throughout the day and is included in the cost of the package.

Overall we recommend taking a ziplining tour while in Chiang Mai.  We do not endorse any one company over an other, but can speak to the quality and positive experience of Eagle Track Zipline. We have heard that others are good as well, so whatever you do, get out of Chiang Mai’s Old City for a few hours and play in the beautiful treetops of the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 3/108 Rattanakosin Rd., T.Sriphum A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
Phone: (085) 722-9090

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