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If you’re planning a vacation to Thailand, then we absolutely recommend spending a few days in Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in the north part of the country. We’ve had our fair share of friends, family members, and readers who want the inside scoop about what to see, what to eat, and where to stay in Chiang Mai. We’ve lived in this tiny town for the past five and half years, and we’ve finally gotten around to answering the last question!

Full disclosure: we live in a house and don’t bounce from hotel to hotel as many other travel bloggers do. Instead, we’ve kept a running list of the hotels we’ve stayed at, friends have told us about, or we’ve learned through the grapevine and were impressed by what we heard. We pay attention to details like location, atmosphere, the helpfulness of the staff, and the value for money before deciding where the best place to stay are and sharing our finds.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of best resorts, hostels, guesthouses, and hotels in Chiang Mai of all sorts of traveling styles and budgets. Plus, we’ve included details about the city’s neighborhoods and several maps so that you can easily see where to stay in Chiang Mai in relation to other parts of the city.

Pick the Perfect Hotel

  1. Neighborhood Overview
  2. For First-Time Visitors (Old City)
  3. If You’re On a Budget (Chiang Mai Gate)
  4. For Backpackers (Ratchaphakhinai and Ratchamanka Roads)
  5. For Families with Kids
  6. For Digital Nomads (Santitham)
  7. For Shopaholics (Thapae Gate)
  8. If You’re Looking for Nightlife (Nimman and Loi Kroh Road)
  9. For Expats and Long-Time Stayers
  10. If You’re Traveling with Pets

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai: Our Top Picks

With more than 2,000 hotels near the city center, we had our work cut out for us. But after careful consideration, the following places are the best of the best!

Best Hostel in Chiang Mai: Hostel by BED

Hostel by BED is a modern hostel that has the amenities of a hotel but the price of a hostel. It’s perfect for the traveler looking for a social atmosphere, which is made easy with its large common space, dorms, shared kitchen, and terrace garden. It’s in the center of the Old City, making it super easy to step out to enjoy Chiang Mai’s attractions or to grab a bite to eat.

Nearest landmark to tell your driver: Wat Dab Pai
Room types: Double, Dorms (co-ed and female only)
Amenities: Laundry, terrace, 24-hour desk, shared kitchen, game room

Best Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Baan Boo Loo

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Baan Boo Loo is the place to stay in Chiang Mai. It’s a far cry from chain hotels because it’s several traditional Thai-style stilted bungalows nestled in a jungle garden. The rooms are incredible too, with their rustic-meets-elegance vibe opening up to look at the gardens below. We also love that the owners of Baan Boo Loo take extra care to make sure your stay is outstanding, from cooking special breakfasts to helping you get a tuk-tuk ride around the Old City.

Nearest major landmark: Wat Phra Singh
Room types: Rooms, suites, and villas
Amenities: Breakfast, tuk-tuk driver, airport pick up

Best Hotel in Chiang Mai: Wulai Sabadee

Wualai Sabai is a beautiful butter-yellow hotel on Wulai Road. It’s a 5-minute walk south of the Old City’s Chiang Mai Gate, where it’s easy to find food and transportation. Located in a quiet part of town and surrounded by a privacy wall, guests can relax in their rooms or the private garden area when not exploring the city. The rooms are impeccably clean, the beds are very comfortable, and the staff is extremely attentive. 

Nearest major landmark: Wat Phra Singh
Room types: King, Twin
Amenities: Breakfast, balcony, bicycle rental, fridge

Best Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai: Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel

Built in an elegant colonial style, the Ping Nakara rests on the banks of the Ping River with easy access to Anusarn Market in the Night Bazaar and the Riverside area. The rooms are equipped with luxurious amenities and are decorated with handmade furniture, Persian rugs, and beautiful hardwood floors. Relax at the pool with a tom yum martini, catch up on reading in the library, or enjoy afternoon tea or a glass of imported wine in the lobby bar.

Nearest landmark to tell your driver: Wat Chai Mongkhon
Room types: King, twin
Amenities: Spa, bar, pool, balconies, airport pickup

Best Airbnb in Chiang Mai: Sala Old Town Singharat Road

Brimming with old-time charm, this traditional Thai teak house and its surrounding tropical gardens will be one of the most unique places you’ll ever stay at. It’s in the Old City and conveniently near delicious restaurants and activities. However, when the time comes, you can disappear within its gated gardens and enjoy its quiet oasis, too. The hosts are very accommodating and provide amenities and excellent service to make you feel right at home.

Nearest landmark to tell your driver: Wat Phra Singh
Room types: One-bedroom chalet
Amenities: Kitchen, private yard, workspace, wifi

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai: Neighborhood Overview

Chiang Mai City is relatively small, but there are a variety of neighborhoods that will fit all traveler types!

If you’re traveling and want to know where to stay in Chiang Mai, this is the only map you’ll need.

The Old City of Chiang Mai is the center of town. A nearly perfect one-by-one-mile square moat marks this area’s borders. Restaurants, shops, cafés, and guesthouses are snuggly side-by-side along its quaint streets. It’s easily walkable and there are plenty of songthaews ‘red truck taxis’ and tuk-tuks to take you to different places. Two roads in particular, Ratchaphakhinai and Ratchamanka Roads, are home to the Sunday Night Walking Street and a plethora of hostels.

Directly north of the Old City is Chang Puak Gate (North Gate). The North Gate has a lot of street food stalls and a sprawling Thai market selling produce and goods. Nearby is Santitam, which has a laid-back vibe where younger travelers, digital nomads, and Thais mingle.

On the south side of the Old City, you’ll find Chiang Mai Gate (South Gate). This gate is the starting point of the Saturday Night Walking Street (Wulai Road) and the surrounding area with its many narrow streets to explore gives you a glimpse into local Thai life. There’s also an excellent market at Chiang Mai Gate that sells produce in the morning and street food at night.

East of the city, between the Old City and the Ping River, is the part of town called the Night Bazaar. It has many large hotels (as opposed to small guesthouses) as well as lots of shopping opportunities at the Night Bazaar and Warorot Market. There is also the iconic Thapae Gate (East Gate, pronounced tah pay) on the east side of the moat. This area is also home to the infamous Loi Kroh Road, where you’ll find gentlemen’s clubs and late-night bars. This road branches off near the southeastern corner of the moat and goes east to the Ping River.

The area directly along the Ping River is known as Riverside. In addition to scenic views, you’ll find many boutique shops a, luxury hotels, as well as lively restaurants and bars.

Northwest of the Old City you’ll find Nimman. This part of town is the fastest growing area and has the highest concentration of luxury shops, international restaurants, and boutique hotels. You’ll also see the greatest variety of international travelers here, too.

West of the Old City is Suthep. The area is bustling with college students, but outside of Chiang Mai University (CMU), it turns into a quiet escape from the city.

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for First Time Visitors (Old City)

If it’s your first time visiting Chiang Mai, we recommend booking a hotel in the Old City. You can spot this part of town on a map thanks to its square moat. This one-by-one square mile moat also doubles as a massive landmark, so it’s easy to explore the inner area without getting lost.

Neighborhood: Old City of Chiang Mai

Within the Old City, there’s an endless array of Thai restaurants, massage shops, tour agencies, and hidden cafes. Plus, it doesn’t get any more convenient to hail a red truck songthaew taxi and explore the rest of town.

Chiang Mai is also the central hub for local travel to nearby cities and provinces, and even other countries in Southeast Asia. There are tons of day trips and overnight tours jumping off from Chiang Mai, so it’s a great place to be if you want to explore.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai for First Time Visitors

  • Visit Wat Phra Singh, one of the most important temples in the city
  • Get a dose of culture and visit the Lanna Folklife Museum, Chiang Mai Historical Centre, and Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center near the Three Kings Monument
  • Get a massage by an ex-inmate from one of several Lila Massage locations throughout the Old City
  • Eat a bowl of khao soi, Chiang Mai’s signature dish, which is a Northern Thai yellow curry with egg noodles

Best Hostel for First Time Visitors: Heuan Pak-Dee Hostel@Gallery

Heuan Pak-Dee Hostel@Gallery offers excellent value for money, and it’s near one of the most famous temples in the city, so the location can’t get much better. The hostel’s friendly staff is happy to make recommendations for things to do around the city. They’ll help to arrange for tours and transportation, too. Decorated with colorful Thai accents, we like that it offers both private rooms and co-ed and female-only dorms, which is a great option for solo female travelers.

Nearest major landmark: Chedi Luang Temple
Room types: Twins, King, Dorms (co-ed and female only)
Amenities:  Bicycles, breakfast, wifi, garden

Best Guesthouse for First Time Visitors: Inn Oon Chiang Mai Home

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and if you’re looking for a guesthouse that radiates Thai culture and hospitality, the Inn Oon Chiang Mai Home is it. Each room is unique and decorated with wooden furniture and classic Thai decor for a true Northern Thailand feel. The owners, Pop and Ton, will make sure you feel right at home.

Nearest major landmark: Surasak Gallery
Room types: Queen, Studio
Amenities: Shared kitchen, patio or balcony, wifi, garden

Best Hotel for First Time Visitors: ThaPae Loft Hotel

Since it was built a few years ago, we’ve been interested in Thapae Loft every time we drive by. It has a sleek industrial look that’s tucked away in a quiet side street in the city center. It’s not far from Thapae Gate (a significant landmark in the city) and just a minute’s walk from the must-visit Sunday Night Walking Street.

Nearest major landmark: Thai Coin Museum
Room types: Twins, King, Triple
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool, airport shuttle, laundry, restaurant, cafe

Best Luxury Hotel for First Time Visitors: Tamarind Village

Surrounded by a series of manicured courtyards, Tamarind Village is a quiet, secluded escape from the city… even though it’s in the city. This luxury boutique hotel’s rooms are drool-worthy with their warm, modern-meets-rustic décor that reflect the colors and patterns of the local hill tribe communities of Northern Thailand. We love, love, LOVE Tamarind Village and reserve it for special occasions.

Nearest major landmark: Anusarn Market in the Night Bazaar
Room types: Twins, King, Suite
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool, gym, garden, restaurant, bar

Best Airbnb for First Time Visitors: You Hometel 3

This sleek, modern room is serenely decorated with plants, both printed and potted versions. The building is impeccably clean and lush plants pepper the hallways and corners. The Chinese owner is enthusiastic about travel just as much as you and will sit down for a beer with you and happily tell you about the best restaurants in town and recommended tours.

Nearest major landmark: Wat Jedlin
Room types: Twins, King, Suite
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool, gym

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai on a Budget (Chiang Mai Gate)

Chiang Mai Gate, which is sometimes referred to as the South Gate, is along the south side of the moat. The area around this landmark often gets overlooked in favor of the chicer places in town. However, we think it’s the best place to stay in Chiang on a budget and want a peek into local life.

Neighborhood: Chiang Mai Gate and Wulai Road in Chiang Mai

Here you’ll find the Chiang Mai Gate Market, which is a huge produce market by day and a sprawling food stall market by night. There are also many small guesthouses and restaurants that are surprisingly affordable throughout the quaint streets, particularly those that are “outside” (south of) the moat.

Things to Do in Near Chiang Mai Gate on a Budget

  • Saturday Night Walking Street, which runs the entire length of Wulai Road beginning at 5 pm every Saturday
  • Get your fill of Thai street food at the Chiang Mai Gate Food Stall Market every night from 5 pm to midnight
  • Relax in the Clay Coffee Studio’s terracotta garden sipping tea or espresso drinks
  • Visit Wat Sri Supan, which is a temple decorated entirely with intricate silverwork and lit with a colorful array of lights at night

Best Budget Hostel in Chiang Mai: Lelighthouse & Hostel

Located on the city moat’s inner ring moat, Lelighthouse & Hostel is a few minutes’ walk away from several major attractions including Wat Chedi Luang, Nong Buak Hard Public Park, Chiang Mai Gate Market, and Wat Phra Singh. This dorm-only hostel has plenty of storage space and a great outdoor terrace to mingle with other travelers. Beds are soft and toiletries are provided.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Co-ed Dorm, Female-only Dorm
Amenities: Free breakfast, shared kitchen, indoor lounge with shared wifi, outdoor terrace

Best Budget Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Norn-Nanta House

Norn-Nanta House is impressive upon arrival, with its sunny yellow walls and a courtyard garden. This budget guesthouse is a short walk from the Chiang Mai Gate and the Wulai Road (host to the Saturday Night Walking Street) in a quiet part of town. There is an onsite bar and restaurant and the owner will happily recommend tours of the area.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Twins, King, Double, Quadruple, Family
Amenities: Bicycles, sauna, wifi, bar, restaurant

Best Budget Hotel in Chiang Mai: 60BLUEHOUSE

This turquoise blue hotel is home to a wide variety of rooms that fit anyone’s needs, from solo female travelers to families traveling on a budget. Its gated garden offers a private place to relax in a hammock and it’s a minute’s walk to many restaurants, massage shops, ticketing offices, and Chiang Mate Gate.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Single, Twin, Double, Studio with Kitchen, Family with Kitchenette, Female Dorm
Amenities: Garden, laundromat, coffee shop, kids playroom, bicycle rental

Best Budget Airbnb in Chiang Mai: Rak Baan House – Single Room

Stay in a private room in a gated Thai house just very close to Chiang Mai Gate. There’s a motorcycle rental shop nearby as well as a large selection of food stalls. Monchai is a friendly, unobtrusive host who will recommend various sites and tours throughout the city to top off your stay.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Single, Double
Amenities: Shared bathroom, shared kitchen, wifi

Where to stay in Chiang Mai for Backpackers (Ratchaphakhinai and Ratchamanka Roads)

The Old City has many budget-friendly accommodations, but you’ll find the highest concentration of backpackers along Ratchaphakhinai (or pah-kee-nai for short) and Ratchamanka (mahn-kah for short) Roads. These two roads run perpendicular to each other inside the square moat.

Backpacker's Paradise: Ratchaphakhinai and Ratchamanka Roads in Chiang Mai

There are cheap guesthouses as well as shared and private dorms starting as low as 7 USD per night. Nearby there are bus bars, bicycle rentals, noodle shops, and outdoor cafes, too.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai for Backpackers

  • Dance the night away at Zoe in Yellow, a series of outdoor bars and live music gigs
  • Get a cheap Thai massage at Naruncha Massage
  • Get a fresh fruit smoothie or smoothie bowl at Khun Kae’s Juice & Smoothie Bar
  • Visit the iconic Wat Chedi Luang (tallest brick chedi in the city) and the neighboring Wat Phan Tao (only wooden temple)

Best Backpacker Hostel in Chiang Mai: Hostel Lullaby

Located off a quiet lane in the city’s backpacker area, Hostel Lullaby is excellent value for money. The beds are comfortable and the decor is modern and tastefully simple. Plus, there are many extra amenities that will make your stay worthwhile.

Nearest major landmark: Muen Tum Temple
Room types: Double, Queen, Mixed 4, Mixed 6, Female-only 4, Female-only 6
Amenities: Free breakfast, shared kitchen, shared bathroom, laundry, garden, bicycle rental, wifi

Best Backpacker Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Baanwealaa Guesthouse

An old-style wooden Thai house was lovingly converted into a the Baanwaelaa Guesthouse. Choose from private rooms or single-sex dorms, the staff will help you book cooking classes or hiking, biking, and fish excursions outside of the city.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Twin, Double, Male Dorm, Female Dorm
Amenities: Garden, coffee shop, shared kitchen, shared bathroom, airport shuttle

Best Backpacker Airbnb in Chiang Mai: #1 Old City Location. Tha Pae Gate Affordable.

Up to three people can stay in this simple but clean and comfortable room near Thapae Gate, one of the city’s best-known landmarks. There’s free coffee, fruit, and water, but the host will gladly make you a plate of Thai for an extra dollar. They also will host a BBQ party at night if you’d like.  

Nearest major landmark: Tha Pae Gate
Room type: King
Amenities: Shared bathroom, shared kitchen, wifi

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for Families

Chiang Mai is extremely family friendly. With the minor exception of Loi Kroh Road, groups of family members or families traveling with small children will find a great hotel almost anywhere in the city. Rather than restrict families to a specific area, we recommended hotels with pools, child sitters, additional beds and cribs, play areas, and extracurricular activities to keep your children happy.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai with Families

  • Visit the Nong Buak Haad Public Park in the moat’s southwest corner and play on the playground, feed the pigeons and fish, or just run around in the grass
  • Learn how paper umbrellas and silk are made at the Bo Sang Umbrella Village and Thai Silk Village
  • Walk through the ancient tunnels of Wat Umong
  • Plant rice, pet animals, learn to cook, and go down a mudslide at Ginger Farm

Best Family Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Le Naview @ Prasingh

Le Naview @ Prasign has bright, large rooms with clean lines and colorful, modern art. This hotel has a pool and onsite restaurant, so it’s easy to cool off and grab something to eat. It’s also located in the southwest corner of the Old City in a quiet area where you can easily access public transportation or explore on foot.

Nearest major landmark: Phra Singh Temple
Room types: Twin, King, Mini Suite, Family, Triple
Amenities: Garden, restaurant, pool, laundry, elevator, wheelchair accessible

Best Family Hotel in Chiang Mai: Moondragon Hotel Chiang Mai

Moon Dragon Hotel is situated right on the Sunday Night Walking Street in the center of the Old City, so it’s in the middle of the action and close to many shops and cafés. Its rooms have ample sunlight and are decorated in a sleek but serene Asian décor. We like that after enjoying a day out in town, we could come back and enjoy a refreshing dip in the private pool and relax on our room’s balcony.

Nearest major landmark: Chiang Mai Gate
Room types: Twins, King, Suite, Studio
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool

Best Luxury Family Hotel in Chiang Mai: Anantara

This five-star Thai colonial resort is situated right on the Ping River near the heart of Chiang Mai Old City. It’s also walking distance from the Anusarn Night Market where there are Thai souvenirs, live music, and great places to eat galore. Anantara holds itself to incredibly high standards and offers guests exceptional service whether you’re a honeymooning couple or a family with young children. The outdoor pool is gorgeous, they have an award-winning spa with massage service, a swanky bar, and one of the best restaurants (The Service 1921) in town.

Nearest major landmark: Anusarn Market in the Night Bazaar
Room types: Twin, King, Suite
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool, massage and spa, garden, shuttle

Best Family Airbnb in Chiang Mai: Beautiful Thai Home @ Old City Moat

A family of six can fit comfortably in this traditional Thai teak house, which is just outside the southwest corner of Chiang Mai’s Old City. The friendly owners, Jiw and Han, have made recent upgrades to their bathrooms and added new air conditioners and comfortable beds. They provide the necessary toiletries and are happy to recommend things to do and places to eat around town.

Nearest major landmark: Daowadung Temple
Room type: 2-Bedroom 2-Bathroom House
Amenities: Kitchen, workspace, kid toys, wifi

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads (Santitham)

Chiang Mai is near the top of the list of best destinations in the world for digital nomads. But if we’re to be more specific, there are two places in town with the highest number of online entrepreneurs: Santitam and Nimman.

Digital Nomad Neighborhood: Santitam in Chiang Mai

Digital nomad life in Nimman has been written about ad nauseam, so we’re putting the spotlight on Santitam. This hidden gem is more affordable than Nimman, yet it still has a high concentration of eateries, cafes with high-speed Wifi, and serviced apartments. Plus, co-working spaces, fancy gyms, and international restaurants aren’t far away.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads

  • Join the Wednesday night meet-up at the Bus Bar at Iron Bridge at 8 PM
  • Check out co-working spaces like Punspace, Starwork, or C.A.M.P.
  • Test your brain at trivia night at Corner Bistro every Wednesday at 8:30 PM
  • Thursday night Bitcoin meetups at Cube No. 7 at 7 PM

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads: Box Hostel N Cafe

People rave about the cleanliness of this hostel and there’s plenty of extra amenities to make your stay worthwhile. Plus, its right off Huay Kaew Road, which gives you easy access to both Santhitam and Nimman and all the conveniences within.

Nearest major landmark: Shell Station on Huay Kaew Road
Room types: 10-Bed Dorm, 4-Bed Dorm, 4-Bed Female Dorm, Double
Amenities: Free breakfast, Bicycles, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, laundry, shared kitchen, shuttle

Best Guesthouse for Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai: Pyur Otel

Pyur Otel is an industrial-chic guesthouse tucked away at the end of a quiet lane in Santitham just off Huay Kaew Road. Stay in the Lee, Kurt Cobain, and even Vladamir Putin room. They are clean, comfortable, and tended to by sweet, helpful staff. Plus, it’s also home to Ombra Cafe, an incredible coffee shop that doubles as a not-so-secret workspace popular with the digital nomad crowd.

Nearest major landmark: Shell Station on Huay Kaew Road
Room types: Twin, Double, Studio, 5-Bed Dorm
Amenities: Free breakfast, cafe, laundry, workspace, wifi

Best Hotel for Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai: Varada Place

Varada Place is a short walk from Huay Kaew Road and very close to restaurants, shops, and cafes in Santitam. It’s an older building, so the rooms run on the large size. It’s well-run, clean, and comfortable. There are also offers longterm rental contracts if you want to stay more than a few days.

Nearest major landmark: Shell Station on Huay Kaew Road
Room types: Twin, Double, Mixed Dorm
Amenities: Bike rental, airport transfer, laundry and laundromat, balcony

Best Airbnb for Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai: 1 Swiss Quality – Thai Style

Enjoy fantastic mountain views at this Airbnb as well as easy access by songthaew to both the Old City and Nimman. The hosts, Walter and Ohm are kind and helpful and will offer weekly linen changes for long-term stayers.

Nearest major landmark: Santitham Temple
Room types: Studio
Amenities: Laundry, elevator, parking, pool, kitchen

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for Shopping (Thapae Gate)

If you want to shop locally, the best place to be is around Thapae Gate. From this landmark, you can walk to several outdoor markets, boutique shops, and “walking streets.” At the end of your shopping spree, hail a songthaew back to your hotel with your bounty. These are the places you’ll find the best Thai souvenirs and deals around.

Shopping Neighborhood: Night Bazaar and Thapae Gate in Chiang Mai

Things to Do in Chiang Mai for Shoppers

  • Saturday Night Walking Street (entrance at Chiang Mai Gate) and Sunday Night Walking Street (entrance at Tha Pae Gate)
  • 24-hour Warorot Market and Chinatown
  • Night Bazaar (Open every evening at 6 PM)
  • Electronics at Pantip Plaza

Best Hostel Near Shopping: hostel bedterminal

You can’t beat the location of hostel bedteminal, which can be found just inside Tha Pae Gate on the east side of the Old City. It’s only a minute away from restaurants, cafes, and public transportation. Plus, if you’re there on a Sunday, you’re mere steps away from the Sunday Night Walking Street.

Nearest major landmark: Phan Ohn Temple
Room types: Twin, Double, Mixed dorm, Quadruple
Amenities: Free breakfast, lockers, lounge, shared kitchen, laundromat, wifi, garden, airport transfer

Best Guesthouse Near Shopping in Chiang Mai: Pao Come Boutique House

Pao Come Boutique Home is on a quiet street just a few steps outside the Old City’s square moat near Tha Pae Gate. The guesthouse is beautifully decorated in Thai decor and incorporates green space in a way that makes you forget you’re staying in the heart of the city. The owners are friendly and will help you book fun excursions in between shopping sprees.

Nearest major landmark: Wat Ou Sai Kham
Room types: Twin, Double, Family Room
Amenities: Free breakfast, shared kitchen, garden, balcony, wifi

Best Hotel for Shopping in Chiang Mai: De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai

This family-friendly hotel also has many of the bells and whistles of luxury hotels, such as high-end amenities and gorgeous traditional Lanna decor, doesn’t come with the high price tag. The facilities are modern and you can comfortably relax in their pool or pamper yourself at their spa after your shopping excursions.

Nearest major landmark: John’s Place
Room types: Twin, Double, Luxury Room
Amenities: Free breakfast, fitness center, spa, pool, restaurant, airport transfer, laundry and laundromat, kids club

Best Airbnb near Shopping: Rm 9 King Bed, Near Nite Bazaar and Thapae Gate

Retreat to a cool, clean, quiet room in a small gated garden area an afternoon shopping spree. The private room and bathroom are superbly clean and comfortable. The owner provides simple amenities and a helpful online guide for tasty places to eat and great massage shops nearby.

Nearest major landmark: Loi Kroh Temple
Room types: Studio
Amenities: Workspace, parking, wifi, garden

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for Nightlife (Nimman and Loi Kroh Road)

Generally speaking, there are two areas in Chiang Mai where you’ll find the liveliness of nightlife: Nimman and along Loi Kroh Road. However, the type of evening entertainment you’ll find differs significantly.

If you want to hang out at rooftop bars, drink craft beer, listen to live music, and go wild at dance clubs, then go to Nimman.

If you’re looking for adult entertainment, then go to Loi Kroh Road. You’ll find a plethora of dive bars with pool tables, karaoke machines, GoGo bars, and massage parlors as well as companion bar girls and ladyboys. It’s raucous and not exactly family friendly… if you get our gist.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai at Night

  • Sip on snazzy rooftop cocktails at Myst at Akyra Manor
  • Enjoy craft beer at Beer Lab
  • Get your dance on at Warm Up Cafe or Tawan Dang
  • Watch a ladyboy show at the Ladyboy Cabaret or Ram Bar

Where to stay in CHiang Mai for the best nightlife: Nimman

Best Hostel near Nimman Nightlife: Rimnim Hostel Chiangmai

Rimnim Hostel Chiang Mai is on Siri Mangalajarn Road that runs parallel to Nimmanhaemin Road. Tony, the manager, runs a simple but clean hostel with bright, modern dorms and private rooms. It’s just on the edge of Nimman, but close enough to walk to noodle shops and cafe by day and bars and clubs by night.

Nearest major landmark: Mingmitr Coffee on Siri Mankalajarn Road
Room types: Double, 4-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Dorm, Female Dorm
Amenities: Free breakfast, shared kitchen, bike rental, airport transfer wifi

Best Guesthouse near Nimman Nightlife: iRoom

iRoom is on a quiet lane on the north side of Nimman, so you’re within walking distance of some of the best hangout places including One Nimman, MAYA mall, and Think Park. Khun Aun will make sure you’re taken care of during your stay in her guesthouse. In between outings, be sure to relax in her garden lounge.

Nearest landmark: Guu Fusion Roti Nimman Soi 3
Room types: Twin, King, Family, 4 Single
Amenities: Free breakfast, kid’s room, parking, wifi, garden lounge

Best Hotel Near Nimman Nightlife: Akyra Manor

While you’re not enjoying a night out in Nimman, it’s easy to hole yourself up in Akyra Manor because it has everything: a rooftop pool, a spa, a fitness center, and delicious restaurant serving Italian food. They even have a kid’s room for families. Choose from city or mountain views in their 8-story tall building.

Nearest major landmark: John’s Place
Room types: Double, Suite
Amenities: Fitness center, spa, pool, restaurant, airport transfer, laundry, tubs, balcony kids club

Best Luxury Hotel Near Nimman Nightlife: U Nimman Chiang Mai

Less than a 10-minute drive from the airport, U Nimman Chiang Mai is in the posh Nimmanhaemin area just west of Chiang Mai’s Old City. Restaurants, cafés, and boutique shops are steps away from the hotel’s front doors as are easy-to-hail tuk-tuks that will allow you to venture elsewhere in the city. We particularly love the swim-up bar at their rooftop pool, which overlooks the city’s beautiful skyline.

Nearest major landmark: MAYA Lifestyle Mall
Room types: Twins, King, One-Bedroom Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite
Amenities: Breakfast, wifi, pool, massage and spa, gym, free bicycles

Best Airbnb Near Nimman Nightlife: New Beautiful Luxury Boutique Condo

Enjoy a home away from home at this stylish condo on the edge of Nimman near MAYA Lifestyle Mall, Think Park, and One Nimman. It’s equipped with luxurious modern facilities and had sunset views from its balcony on the sixth floor. There’s also a soaking tub and a full kitchen.

Nearest major landmark: MAYA Lifestyle Mall
Room types: One-bedroom apartment
Amenities: Gym, elevator, sauna, pool, club room, roof garden

Best Nightlife: Loi Kroh in Chiang Mai

Best Hostel Near Loi Kroh Nightlife: Unochiangmai Hostel

The Unochiangmai hostel is centrally located along Loi Kroh Road, so you have access to bars, restaurants, massage parlors in just a few steps. Although it’s one of the older buildings in town, Tony, the guy who runs the hostel, keeps it clean and will make sure you have a good stay.

Nearest major landmark: Chang Khong Temple
Room types: Double, Queen, King, Family, 6-Dorm
Amenities: Breakfast, airport transfer, shuttle, wifi

Best Guesthouse Near Loi Kroh Nightlife: Iron 32 Hotel Bar & Bistro

This modern, rustic hotel combines dark colors, exposed wood and brick, leather, and fresh whites for a look very different from the many other guesthouses in town. Many people agree that the beds are very comfortable and love having a coffee shop to visit in the morning.

Nearest major landmark: Iron Bridge
Room types: Double, Queen, King, Family
Amenities: Free breakfast, airport transfer, shuttle, games room, shared kitchen, wifi

Best Hotel Near Loi Kroh Nightlife: Night Bazaar Inn Hotel

The Night Bazaar Inn Hotel is tucked between the Iron Bridge and Kalare Night Bazaar and gives excellent value for money. The rooms are tastefully decorated in traditional Thai style and come with modern amenities and comforts. The staff is also amiable, keeps the hotel spotlessly clean, and helps book rides around town.

Nearest major landmark: Iron Bridge
Room types: Twin, Double
Amenities: Free breakfast, bicycle rental, elevator, laundry, airport transfer, wifi

Best Luxury Hotel Near Loi Kroh Nightlife: Le Meridien

Le Meriden’s modern stylish rooms come with western comforts and overlook the Chiang Mai Old City. The location can’t be beaten. Situated in the heart of the Night Bazaar area, there are boutique shops, souvenir stalls, restaurants, and things to do in every direction.

Nearest major landmark: Le Meridien
Room types: Twin, King, Suite
Amenities: Free breakfast, garden, pool, fitness center, elevator, laundry, airport transfer, sauna, kids club

Best Airbnb Near Loi Kroh Nightlife: Rm 7 Quiet, Private, King Bed, Near Old City

After experiencing a high dose of excitement on Loi Kroh Road, unwind in a clean, comfortable, private room that opens up to a quiet gated garden area. The owner provides simple amenities and a helpful online guide for tasty places to eat and great massage shops nearby.

Nearest major landmark: MAYA Lifestyle Mall
Room types: One-bedroom apartment
Amenities: Gym, elevator, sauna, pool, club room, roof garden

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for Expats

When you first arrive in Chiang Mai and begin house hunting, you’ll probably want to stay in something that’s spacious and more private than a typical hotel, especially if you have more than a bag or two of luggage. Plus, a place in Chiang Mai that offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates is essential if you want to take your time learning the city and its neighborhoods.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai for Expats

  • Take a tour of Chiang Mai RAM, the local expat’s choice in hospitals
  • Join in for trivia night (and a few pints) at UN Irish Pub every Thursday
  • Mingle and listen to live music at North Gate Jazz Club every night
  • Stroll around the outdoor shopping areas of Think Park and One Nimman

Best Guesthouse for Expats: Villa Thai Orchid

This new hotel is located in the city center, making it easy to sightsee and visit the major attractions Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phan Tao, and the Sunday Night Walking Street. The clean white rooms are decorated with pops of red and gold Thai decor and the outdoor garden area is quiet and relaxing. The owners are also genuinely helpful, sharing tips for exploring the city, which is perfect for jump-starting your life as an expat in Chiang Mai.

Nearest major landmark: Chedi Luang Temple
Room types: Twin, Double, King
Amenities: Bicycles, breakfast, laundry, wifi, garden

Best Hotel for Expats in Chiang Mai: Hillside2 condo@Nimman

One of several Hillside Condos throughout the city, branch “2” is in the fastest growing part of town, just across the main street from Salad Concept. The apartments are simple yet clean and come with all the comforts you need for a long stay.

Nearest major landmark: Nimman Soi 13
Room types: Studio
Amenities: Free breakfast, elevator, laundry, massage, airport transfer, kitchenette, wifi

Best Luxury Hotel for Expats in Chiang Mai: Kantary Hills

Set back from the busy Nimmanehaemin Street, the Kantary Hills is in the most modern area of the city. This sprawling hotel has western décor, onsite restaurant, and rooms and suites with full kitchens. There is also excellent nightlife within a short walking distance away.

Nearest major landmark: Beer Lab
Room types: Studio, 1-Bedroom Apartment
Amenities: Free breakfast, elevator, laundry, massage, airport transfer, kitchenette, wifi

Best Expat Airbnb: Nice Apt with comfortable mattress (Old City)

Located in the heart of the Old City, this cozy apartment is quiet and private, taking up one entire floor of the building. Known as the Dlanna House, it has Thai decorations and many western necessities to make your stay comfortable. From the window, there’s also views of the nearby temple.

Nearest major landmark: Phra Chao Mengrai Temple
Room types: Studio
Amenities: Breakfast, kitchenette, workspace, balcony

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai with Pets

In general, Thailand is not as pet-friendly as other countries in the world. However, Chiang Mai has recognized the demand of travelers and several pet-friendly hotels and residences have popped up in town. If you plan to bring your fur-child with you, whether you are vacationing or moving here, here the best pet-friendly accommodations in Chiang Mai City.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai with Pets

  • Enjoy coffee and lunch at a pet-friendly cafe such as Ketawa Cafe and Local Cafe at Think Park
  • Cool off with a swim at Huay Teung Thao Lake
  • Go for a run at Huay Kaew Arboretum, the park near CMU
  • Walking along the Wat Palat Hiking Trail

Best Pet-Friendly Hostel in Chiang Mai: Tamada House

Tamada House is near the heart of the Night Bazaar and Ping River, so you’ll find countless restaurants, cafes, massage shops and boutique stores within a very short walking distance. The hostel may be decorated with a quirky flamingo decor, but it’s clean and comfortable and can accommodate families and travelers with pets.

Nearest major landmark: Iron Bridge
Room types: Family, Triple, Quadruple, Dorm
Amenities: Free breakfast, airport transfer, kids club, laundry, shared kitchen, garden, massage

Best Pet-Friendly Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Summer Resort

Chiang Mai Summer Resort is a series of teak Thai-styled stilted bungalows complete with rustic-style Northern Thai decor. A privacy gate surrounds the garden property and the owners are the epitome of Thai hospitality. The area is quiet at night, is within walking distance of numerous cafés and shops, and is just steps away from public transportation.

Nearest major landmark: Muen Tum Temple
Room types: Villa
Amenities: Shared kitchen, garden, free laundry

Best Pet-Friendly Hotel in Chiang Mai: Ketawa Pet-Friendly Hotel

As its name suggests, the Ketawa Pet-Friendly Hotels welcomes all sorts of furbabies to its property. Designed with your four-legged friend in mind, this hotel has a garden area to run around in, pet beds, and a pet-friendly restaurant. Rooms are large, super clean, and the staff love animals, too.

Best Pet-Friendly Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai: Four Seasons

Go big or go home, right? The Four Seasons is north of the city in the quiet countryside, allowing your pet the freedom to romp and play around as it pleases. The Four Seasons has upheld its international 5-star standards and offers visitors incredible hospitality, luxurious amenities, and delicious dining experiences.

Best Pet-Friendly Airbnb in Chiang Mai: Sherloft A Private Bath&BED&Breakfast in Old City

Located in the heart of the Old City on a small quiet street, enjoy a comfortable stay with your pet at SherLoft. Play outside in its grassy gated yard or relax in a hanging egg chair on the balcony. The owners are kind and will meet you upon check-in to ensure your needs are met.

Nearest major landmark: Puak Hong Temple
Room types: King
Amenities: Free breakfast, laundry, garden

Best Pet-Friendly Airbnb in Chiang Mai: Sherloft A Private Bath&BED&Breakfast in Old City

Located in the heart of the Old City on a small quiet street, enjoy a comfortable stay with your pet at SherLoft. Play outside in its grassy gated yard or relax in a hanging egg chair on the balcony. The owners are kind and will meet you upon check-in to ensure your needs are met.

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