Live Broadcasting Thailand Travel on Periscope
Whether you’ve just stumbled across our blog or have been familiar with it for quite some time, you may be interested to learn that we have been doing live broadcasting about Thailand travel on Periscope. In fact, we’ve done over 250 broadcasts since October 2015 and this platform has become our favorite way to share with our followers what life is like living and traveling on this side of the world.

Explore Thailand on Periscope

We’ve trended globally twice and have had a broadcast featured on the Periscope homepage that received 50,000+ views in 24 hours.

Come Travel on Periscope With Us 

Periscope is a free and relatively new social media platform that allows a user to live video stream to hundreds of people at the same time with only their smart phone.

Periscope’s tag line is, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes,” and combines the feeling of live TV with viewer comments. It allows people to watch what is happening and respond or ask questions as it unfolds right in front of them.

 Travel on Periscope to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cyclo ride to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Viking’s Magnificent Mekong river cruise

Our Periscope followers can join us for a walk around the streets or sit down with us for a meal on this side of the world and see and hear everything that we’re experiencing almost as if they were there themselves.

Why We Love Periscope

The idea behind our Periscope channel is to give our readers a chance to see a more personal side of us in living and traveling in Thailand. We (ok, Chris) scopes about once per day when we are home in Chiang Mai and often two or three times per day when we’re on a trip elsewhere in Thailand. Or in the case of our recent travels, we scoped while we were in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Thailand Travel on Periscope - Bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai

Bamboo rafting on the Mae Wang in Chiang Mai,Thailand

For us, live streaming has become the best way to share our experiences because it gives our audience an enhanced interactive perspective of Thailand. Although we believe that our blog has and will continue to be a great source of information, we know that watching videos and speaking with us in real time about Thailand has its appeal. Plus, we realize that some people simply prefer watching videos to reading blog posts, so this should be great news to our current and future followers that have been anticipating our content in video form.

Thailand Travel on Periscope (4)

Catching the sunset at Lime Samui Villa on Koh Samui, Thailand

There’s really no limit to what we periscope about. We’ve given tours of our house and neighborhood on Periscope and while riding around the small streets of Chiang Mai on our motorbike. We’ve also shared

  • cruising for a week down the Mekong River 
  • island hopping on a yacht in the Andaman Sea
  • doing a border crossing into Burma
  • taking a Thai cooking class on Koh Mak
  • swimming in Railay Bay
  • being ‘attacked’ by beer guzzling monkeys
  • exploring the stunning White Temple in Chiang Rai

Not only is it nearly effortless to interact with our followers using this app, we love seeing everyone’s reactions while knowing we’re building a community of people interested in living or traveling in Thailand.

How Periscope Works

As soon as our broadcast goes live, followers of our Periscope account receive a notification on their phones. Once they’ve joined a broadcast, they can ask questions and chat along with us. These comments pop up at the bottom of our screen, are visible to everyone watching, and allows us and all other viewers to read and respond to them. The app also allows subscribers to give hearts by tapping their screen (similar to ‘likes’ on Facebook), which let’s us know that they like what they are hearing or seeing.

See the world and travel on Periscope

Rickshaw ride in Tân Châu, Vietnam

Very soon, as a part of our premium membership site, we will be broadcasting to small groups of followers and discuss specific topics such Thai visas, cost of living in Chiang Mai, and working abroad. We also plan to do apartment and house tours. This features will be exclusive to people who sign up for our membership site and want the ins and outs of living in Thailand. Otherwise, our daily Thailand travel scopes are available to all of our subscribers.

If you want to join our experiences in Thailand, Periscope is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can find us at @TielandThailand and subscribe to our channel to receive a notification the next time we go live.

See you on the next broadcast!

Periscope @TielandThailand


ou don't have to BE in Thailand to hear waves on the beach or to watch a street stall food vendor in action. Watch it through our eyes by following us @TielandThailand on Periscope

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