Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Arriving

While perusing transportation options from Hua Hin to Bangkok, we stumbled across the Hua Hin Train Station. Located on the T-intersection of Hua Hin Route 76 and Poon Suk Road, this train station offers rides to many different destinations along the eastern coast between Bangkok, Thailand and Butterworth, Malaysia.

Hua Hin Train Tracks

We had fun taking pictures of the tracks.

After discovering the railway station during our beach city exploring, we decided to forgo the popular air-conditioned bus rides from Hua Hin to Bangkok. Given the cheap train ticket prices and the fact that we’ve never ridden on a train before were both reason enough to bring us to the decision to travel by rail!

Alternative Transportation: The Hua Hin Bus Station sells air-conditioned VIP bus tickets from Hua Hin directly to Suwannabhumi Airport in Bangkok for 305 baht ($11 USD). Travel time is about three hours.

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Tracks

The Hua Hin Railway Station platform.

Directly to the left of the Hua Hin Train Station is the The Hua Hin Coffee Station, which is the perfect place get relief from the heat while waiting for the train to arrive.

Hua Hin Coffee Station 2

The cold caffeinated drinks average 60 baht ($2 USD), but you get what you pay for, including comfortable indoor seating and chilly air conditioning. The coffee shop also has a small food and beer selection in addition to postcards, stamps, and other small souvenirs for sale.

Hua Hin Coffee Station Menu

Many options to choose from!

Hua Hin to Bangkok by Train

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Stop

One of the frequent stops to let other trains pass by.

Although there are multiple trains that run from Hua Hin to Bangkok everyday, many depart during the very early morning hours. However, there are two popular Hua Hin to Bangkok trains that depart from the railway station during normal daylight hours. Tickets can be purchased as early as one hour in advance and only cash is accepted. We chose to take the earlier departing third class train, which costs 44 baht a ticket ($1.50 USD!)

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Schedule

The prices of these tickets my vary depending on the season. Prices are of July 2013.

What’s a Third Class Train in Thailand Like?

We didn’t know what to expect of a third class train from Hua Hin to Bangkok. The interior of the train cars reminded us of old, worn metro or subway cars. There are benches that run parallel with the side of the car but there are also forward and rear facing chairs, all of which are thinly cushioned. There are floor-to-ceiling poles and handles dangling from the ceiling for standing passengers. After looking at other photos of third class trains, we wondered why ours looked so much different; most trains had rows of benches facing the same direction with an aisle running down the middle.

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Seats

Comfortable seating was available in the beginning, but as the train picked up new passengers and seats were occupied, some people had to sit on the floor.

From all of the reviews we had read online saying how horrible the third class train is, we thought it was tolerable. There is great scenery across Thailand that we otherwise would not have seen, and although there wasn’t air conditioning, there was a breeze from the ceiling fans and open windows that kept us from being too uncomfortable.

We were able to put our luggage in the overhead storage area and we thought it was great that vendors came by every half an hour or so to sell snacks (sliced fruit, fried pork rinds) and drinks (water, juice, soda, beer). We even noticed that vendors came on board at stops to specifically sell hot food, such as noodles or fried rice with egg.

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Palm

The views during the Hua Hin to Bangkok train ride never got old.

Granted, if we hadn’t gotten a seat for the five-hour ride (it’s first come first serve, but this train originates in Hua Hin) and had to sit on the dirty linoleum floor, we would have been pretty miserable. Also, even though there was a toilet on the train car, we didn’t want to imagine what type of condition it was in. Lucky for us we got a bench and there were no emergency trips to the restroom. Given the few potentially negative issues that could arise, the affordable price and the beautiful open air views of rural Thailand are worth the trip and should be experienced while you are here. With that said, third class itineraries similar in duration to the Hua Hin to Bangkok train route are the longest trips we would personally recommend; anything more than five hours and it is likely that your booty might start screaming at you.

Hua Hin to Bangkok Train Views

More beautiful views during the late afternoon hours.

At the end of the journey, the sun had set and it was cooling down.  We got to Bangkok a little later than planned because the train picked us up in Hua Hin half an hour late, but luckily we didn’t have a strict schedule to follow that night. We were covered in a thin film of dust and were ready to stretch our legs, but otherwise had a decent trip on Thailand’s state railway system.

Would we Take a Third Class Ordinary Train Again?

Yes, we think in the right circumstance we would, such as:

  • Being in no rush to get to our final destination
  • Being able to secure a seat
  • Having a frozen bottle of water for a cold, in-transit drink
  • Having a favorable weather forecast (during heavy rain we think that there could be a lack of air circulation if the windows were closed)

Bottom line, it is the absolute cheapest form of transportation we’ve come across which is great for the budget traveler.

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