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Conveniently close to Bangkok, this region is filled with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and caves and waterfalls to explore. The largest city in Eastern Thailand is Pattaya, which is famous for its nightlife and seaside resorts. The eastern islands, often overlooked for those better known in the southern region, are just as gorgeous and can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost.

Koh Chang | Trat Thailand

Koh Chang

Koh Mak | Thailand

Koh Mak

Ban Klong Luek Border Market | Sa Kaeo Thailand

Sa Kaeo


Things to Do in Koh Chang, Thailand

When we're looking for a fun, laid-back, and inexpensive beach vacation in Thailand, our go-to spot is Koh Chang. A Thai friend of ours introduced us to this island several years ago and since then we've gone back several times. During this latest trip to the island,...

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Smile Koh Mak Thai Cooking School

Some people view cooking as a mundane, domestic chore and definitely something not to do while vacationing. But what if we told you that you could have your cake curry and eat it, too, without having to go shopping beforehand or clean up afterwards? In fact, we're...

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Trip to Koh Mak, the Thai Island with Two Sunsets

Many of the most memorable places we've been to in Thailand aren't necessarily on The Best Places to Visit lists found on the internet and in guide books. But that doesn't mean these places in Thailand aren't fun, beautiful, or truly unique. As was the case when we...

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Chiang Mai to Koh Chang Transit Guide

As beautiful and entertaining as Chiang Mai is, one thing we sorely miss is having a beach nearby. So when we've needed a sand and sun fix, we've gone to Koh Chang. If anyone else finds themselves in need of beach time, here's a comprehensive guide on how to get from...

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Our Best Instagram Photos of 2014

We can proudly say that 2014 was our first full calendar year living in Thailand. As we step into 2015, we looked back through our best Instagram photos of 2014 and remembered what made the past year so amazing. #1  New Years at Thapae Gate We started 2014 New Years...

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Nature Beach Resort in Koh Chang, Thailand

We have to admit, we felt pretty lucky after randomly stumbling upon the Nature Beach Resort in Koh Chang. Little did we know that staying at this resort turned out to be the best decision we could have made for an awesome and relaxing vacation on one of Thailand's...

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