One Night Stay with Locals tour: Kayaking at Baan Sam Chong Nuea in Phang Nga

From southern provinces such as Phang Nga and Chumphon to the more remote northern provinces of Lampang and Nan, thirteen destinations have been carefully chosen by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as part of a newly launched project, “One Night Stay with Locals.”

Each destination is in a beautiful, secluded area of the country and the local experience is embodied by a two-day, one-night tour filled with community-based activities with Thai locals. These are very different from one-size-fits-all excursions typically found in touristy cities such as Phuket and Bangkok!

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Enjoying a seafood feast at Pa Tew (Bang Son) in Chumphon

So, get ready to get your hands dirty picking fruit in orchids, riding a tractor through the jungle to waterfalls, or reeling in the catch of the day on a fishing boat – all with locals. Here’s a quick look at where you’ll find these excursions:

Local Excursions in Northern and Northeastern Thailand

As part of One Night Stay with Locals, there are four different communities. They span across Lampang, Chiang Rai, and Nan provinces in Northern Thailand and one community in Udon Thani province in Northeastern (Isaan) Thailand.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Traditional homestay in Sila Petch, Nan

Tucked away in the mountains of Lampang, harvest miang leaves with the locals at Baan Pa Miang. Afterward, learn how to make (and eat) a popular Thai appetizer by carefully wrapping the leaves around a flavorful assortment of Thai herbs.

The neighboring Chiang Rai province has two destinations to choose. First, there’s the laidback Pangha Homestay near the border of Myanmar where you can learn all about the Tai Lue people and their old-age knifesmithing craft.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Knifesmithing shop in Pangha, Chiang Rai

There’s Baan Tha Khan Tong, a thriving community next to the Mae Kong River that combines elements of Isaan and Lanna culture.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Lanna food at Baan Tha Khan Tong in Chiang Rai

To truly get away from it all, go to the village of Sila Petch in Nan province. It feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere, yet there are plenty of friendly locals to show you around the area and guide you through the forests to a waterfall.

Baan Khiri Wong Kot in the northeast of the country in Udon Thani province. Here you’ll experience the real Isaan. Get a true taste of the deliciously spicy food, rural countryside, and famously friendly Isaan hospitality from the locals.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Tractor ride at Baan Khiri Wong Kot in Udon Thani

Local Excursions in Southern Thailand

Then there are Thailand’s southern provinces like Phang Nga, Chumphon, and Trang. Tourists flock there for the gorgeous beaches, scenic boat rides, and adventurous activities. At One Night With Locals’ nine handpicked southern communities, you can experience all of this and more, but without the crowds.

For example, at Phang Nga’s hidden Baan Sam Chong Nuea community, explore swamps and mangrove forests with a local fisherman while helping to reforest the area.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Kayaking at Pa Tew (Bang Son) in Chumphon

At Pa Tew (Bang Son) in Chumphon, most of your time is spent on the water. Enjoy activities such as feasting on seafood, rafting, and spotting fireflies in the evening.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Seafood feast at Baan Sam Chong Nuea in Phang Nga

Other local communities waiting to be discovered are in the less-frequently visited provinces of Phatthalung and Yala. These include the stunning Tamod Community, where you can join in sustainable and environmentally friendly activities such as kayaking and watching the sunset over the reservoir and Yala’s Chulaporn Pattana 9 Tourism Community, which boasts a gorgeous combination of forests, mountains, and rivers.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Phrom Lok in Nakhorn Si Thammarat

Other choices of local communities that you can visit includes Bo Hin Farm Stay in Trang, Phrom Lok in Nakorn Si Thammarat, Laem Pak Bia in Petchaburi and Laem Klat in Trat.

One Night Stay with Locals tour: Laem Pak Bia, Petchaburi

One Night Stay with Locals Contact Information

One Night Stay with Locals provides a great opportunity to explore the lesser-known side of Thailand. Plus, it’s one of the few companies that help the English-speaking community discover these secluded destinations. Transportation, accommodations, and food are arranged so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Instead, sit back and enjoy the ride, known that you are contributing to a sustainable, community-based tour.

To learn more about One Night Stay with Locals in Thailand or to book a trip for up to 10 people at a special price, please visit

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Disclosure: This post is brought to by One Night Stay with Locals. However, all of our opinions are our own. We share this so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to include one of these local tours in your upcoming trip to Thailand.

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