Chiang Mai City Park Pond and Fountains

Chiang Mai has a lovely little park located within the southwest corner of the city called Suan Buak Haad Public Park or Nong Buak Had City Park. It can be seen from the inner loop of the main road, and has a way of inviting in the casual passerby.

A Place to Relax

The park’s landscape is well cared for and there are some pretty bridges and fountains that give it character. There is also a pond that stretches throughout and it’s not uncommon to see people feeding the fish that live there. Bags of dry pellets can be purchased on site, which are also used to feed the flocks of pigeons that roam the grounds.

Chiang Mai City Park Birds

A man feeding some of the many birds

Rattan mats can be rented from several placed within Suan Buak Haad City Park for ten baht. That seemed to be a popular thing to do, as there were many people enjoying picnics, lounging around with friends or with young children, or simply taking an afternoon snooze on the grass.

Chiang Mai Park Family

Families come during the hot summer days to claim some shade by the ponds.

Suan Buak Haad City Park Vendors

There are a few food stalls, both inside and directly outside of the city park’s gated entrance, that sell drinks, fruit, and grilled meats and eggs. There is even an enclosed coffee hut (air-conditioned, perhaps?) that seemed to be quite popular on the particular day we visited.

Chiang Mai City Park Vendor

Vendors selling ice cream, coffee, and foot massages are apparent, but not overbearing at all

A Place to Exercise

A paved walking path snakes its way around the entire perimeter of the park, which was utilized by several joggers. On other days when I’ve simply driven pass the city park, I’ve seen others playing basketball on the court or doing sit-ups on the park benches.

Chiang Mai City Park Bridge

One of the city park walking bridges

Suan Buak Haad City Park seems to be an all around popular spot for people to come to for a leisurely stroll, to stretch out in the grass, or to get some exercise. I like that it can been seen from the main road, which is a friendly reminder to go there and have some fun!

Chiang Mai City Park Path

A track-like walkway circles the park and crosses over the ponds at several points

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