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I recently got the courage to cut off my long wavy blonde locks but I didn’t want just anyone to hack them off. NewYork NewYork Hair Studio, a professional Chiang Mai hair salon located in the posh Nimmanhaemin area west of the Old City, took great care of me and left me feeling confident in my new look. All for a little over $15 USD including tip! 

July 2016 UPDATE: Prices have significantly increased since we first visited NewYork NewYork.

Western Hair Care Offered at New York New York

New York New York Hair Dressers Chiang Mai Hair Salon

NewYork NewYork has been open in Chiang Mai since 2011. Vera Ramasute is the artistic director and owner and was professionally trained in New York before bringing her talent to Chiang Mai hair salon scene. She works on site with her team of stylists and provides trims, cuts, styling, and various processing including hair color, straightening, and body waves. This salon also provides waxing, OPI nail color, and MAC makeup services.

Chiang Mai Hair Salon: NewYork NewYork prices

Haircut prices have doubled since I first went to NewYork NewYork. Updated July 2016.

NewYork NewYork is easily recognized by its comic art building front and Marilyn Monroe figurine. Located on Soi 13/2 right off of Nimmanhaemin Road, it sports a look right out of New York City. A big thanks to my fellow travel blogger, Liz from Pause the Moment, who recommended I go to NewYork NewYork after her wonderful experience at the reputable Chiang Mai hair salon a few months earlier.

Exterior Chiang Mai Hair Salon

My Experience at the Chiang Mai Hair Salon, NewYork NewYork

Chiang Mai Hair Salon Front Desk

I chose to go to NewYork NewYork because I wanted a stylist that had experience working with fine wavy hair, not just dark thick Asian hair. I also wanted to be able discuss the style I wanted in English and not resort to miming and guessing. Although I could have gotten a haircut for $5 elsewhere, I didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to effectively communicate the style I wanted.

Chiang Mai Hair Salon After Haircut Side

After an initial rough cut to get rid of some length, my stylist methodically cut my hair, adding layers throughout and texture to the ends. Two assistants then used a product for curly hair, finger twisted my hair, and then blow-dried it using a diffuser so I had my natural curls back. Even though I had 8-10 inches cut off, the result had me smiling.

New York New York Chiang Mai Before and After Haircut

Additional Perks

  • Easily made an appointment over the phone
  • Timely and professional service
  • Comfortable hair washing stations with head rests (not just neck rests)
  • Well executed and intricate haircut
  • Good hair products selection (and I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything)

New York New York Hair Studio Chiang Mai Products

Bottom Line

I was taken very good care of from start to finish by New York New York’s team of stylists. I loved my experience there and will be going back there when I need a trim. The haircut was 450 baht and I tipped 50 baht, so the total cost came out to a little over $15 USD.

For Those Who are Curious

Here’s a little background information on why I took the plunge and cut off my long locks at this Chiang Mai hair salon. Two months ago I decided to do something daring with my hair and go ombre.

This was the look I was going for:

Desired Hairstyle

Great color and blending technique! Photo courtesy of

This was the look I got:

Undesired Hairstyle

I look like I had been turned upside down and dipped my hair into a bucket of bleach!

I did NOT get this processing from New York New York but from another Chiang Mai hair salon. I went back a second time to get it fixed, but I never got the look I truly wanted, neither in blending nor color.

Unfortunately, two bleaching processes within days of each did extensive damage to my hair.  Not only was I embarrassed to wear my hair down because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, it was so rough it would get instantly tangled. I resorted to wearing my hair in a bun or braided most days. Worst of all, the total cost was 4,000 baht or roughly $130, and for all that money I wasn’t able to confidently show off my hair.

For those with medium to fair hair looking to lighten your locks, do not assume that a professional salon can deliver products suited for non-Asian hair.  Do your own research on the brand of coloring to decide if it is compatible with your hair type. I will be sticking to my natural color for now, but when the time is right, I might give New York New York a try with highlights! I am thrilled to have finally found a go to Chiang Mai hair salon.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 13/2 Soi 13 Nimmanhaemin Road Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200
Hours:10:00 am to 8:00pm
Phone: (053) 215-199

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