13 Practical Ways to Make Money Online While Traveling Abroad

As exciting as it is to leave behind corporate life in exchange for traveling the world, it can also be daunting without an income source. So here are some excellent yet practical(!) suggestions to make money online while traveling abroad.

Although the idea of taking a ’round the world trip and not working is rather dreamy, many people realize that the short-term benefits outweigh the long-term problems. And so the search for a source of location-independent income begins.

Luckily, we live in the internet era, which opens up tons of opportunities to make money online while traveling abroad. In fact, there are many sites dedicated to teaching others how to make money online. Of course the irony is that these sites are making money by teaching you how to make money!

Making Money By Teaching People How to Make Money While Traveling Abroad

Couldn’t resist adding the meme that inspired this post. Source: ImgFlip.com Sudden Clarity Clarence

This blogger couple doesn’t teach people how to make money online, which is either good or bad depending on what you are looking for when you stumbled across this post.

What we can do, though, is give you some several very practical ways to fund your overseas adventure and open the doors for a location-independent lifestyle.

01  (Part-Time) Location Independent Work with Your Current Employer

You may just have the right kind of behind-the-scenes number-crunching computer-dependent job that can be done anywhere and anytime. It never hurts to ask your current employer about online work opportunities. You may be pleasantly surprised to receive a reduced workload that allows you to travel  and pays the bills.

02  Day Trading

Good with numbers and have a knack for investments? Earning interest on stock market investments is a popular way to make money online while traveling around the world. We know several people who earn their money this way. The best part is, day trading doesn’t have to be a full-time thing. You dabble in it when your returns get low and leave it on the back burner the rest of the time.

03  Copywriting or Freelance Writing

English material is in high demand from companies all over the world. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and airlines are just a few businesses looking to advertise to their English-speaking clients. Creating copy for pamphlets, posters, email blasts, and brochures are all excellent examples of copywriting.

Many freelance writers ghostwrite website content and travel guides. Even technical documents and spreadsheet data management are in demand. Try your luck at building your portfolio and securing gigs through UpWork and Elance.

04  Stock Photography

Love taking pictures? Submitting photos to stock photo companies, such as Shutterstock and iStock, can ultimately turn into an decent form of passive income. Learn what they are looking for in terms of subject and composition and build your online portfolio. Over time, watch as the cash steadily flows in.

05  eCommerce Goods

This one’s huge: sell goods online. Use sites like Etsy and CustomMade, which already draw in tons of customers, to sell your handmade creations or unique finds without managing a physical shop. Or customize your own online storefront with Shopify.

You can also sell products without making or handling them yourself. Instead, suppliers will make, store, and even ship items on your behalf while you take care of the marketing and customer service front entirely online. This is known as dropshipping.

06  eCommerce Services: Coaching or Consulting

Sell your coaching or consulting services online. Develop how-to videos or documents and guide people in your field of expertise, such as financial advising or relationship coaching. Or interact with clients in real-time through emails, video chat, or phone calls. Need a place get your ideas noticed? Check out Udemy.

07  Gambling

Some people are skilled in the art of online gambling. As long as you can afford to lose the money you’ve put into the pot and aren’t a hot-headed player, you can make a decent wage. Just be careful – players are sometimes hacked by other players and the internet connection must be impeccable. However, it’s still a very popular way to make money online while traveling around different countries.

08  Affiliate Marketing

This is a roundabout way of selling goods or services online, but you can earn a commission for simply being the middleman and directing a buyer to a targeted good or service online. We know people who make great money doing this, but it does require a systematic approach of building your website and a thorough understanding of SEO and the current Google algorithm.

09  Social Media Manager

Companies recognize the importance of connecting with travelers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So if English isn’t the first language in whatever country you are traveling in, apply to be a company’s social media manager to better connect with English-speaking customers.

10  Renting Out Your House

Own a house? Why go through the hassle of selling all of your belongings and trying to put your house on the market, too? Keep the house, rent it out, and pocket the income. There are companies for hire that will collect rent, conduct cleanings between tenants, and even take care of maintenance issues while you are overseas. It may be well worth the cash flowing into your pocket!

11  Language Teacher

Put your talents to good use and become a location-independent language teacher through Verbling. And it doesn’t have to be teaching English! For $20 to $30 USD per hour, this is a pretty solid gig if you can secure a handful of regular clients.

12  Translator

Do not underestimate the power of being bilingual or multilingual. Depending on your areas of expertise and vocabulary, you could translate documents for companies who sell products or services in other languages. While the material may not be incredibly exciting, you are still working on your own time and from any place in the world.

13  Website Designer

Like graphics and coding? Help others set up their online businesses while you run your own location-independent business. It’s practically expected that every business has a website now, so take advantage of this demand and craft up some awesome webpage designs.

It’s Definitely Possible to Make Money Online While Traveling

Keep in mind that it may take a few attempts to figure out which money making strategy suits you best.

And that there is a learning curve.

And that it will take time to establish your online presence and get the money flowing.

But the point is, you are doing something that doesn’t tie you down to one place and allows you to be your own boss, which is pretty awesome if you ask us. And considering it’s much less expensive to live in Thailand than in other Western countries, you don’t have to feel pressured to match your current salary.

So there’s the scoop! Do these online money making options seem realistic or far-fetched? Can you see yourself investing time into one of these methods if it means breaking free from the traditional nine to five office life?


To fund your world travesls, here are 13 practical ways to make money online. | Tieland to Thailand

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