Below is a set of resources to help you travel or move to Thailand. It features our services if you are looking for some personal advice in addition to the tools that we use when we travel around and blog about Thailand.


Devoted readers have found our posts inspiring and informative and often ask for personal advice. We now offer ever greater insights to traveling and living in Thailand through our personalized Coaching Sessions and Self-Guided Chiang Mai Tours. We want to help you prepare for and plan your perfect trip, whether it be a long vacation, a sabbatical, or a move to Thailand.

Self Guided Chiang Mai Tours

We’ve lived in Chiang Mai for nearly three years, but what if you are visiting for only a week or two? If you want the most out of your trip to the city we call home, let us do the planning for you. Our itineraries include a compilation of unforgettable sites, activities, and restaurants, and it’s entirely catered to your personal travel style.

Professional Coaching Sessions

If you have deeper questions and are looking for more individualized attention, we offer our expert advice about living in Thailand. Whether it’s helping you prepare yourself for your move to Thailand, recommending places to live, explaining the ins and outs of visas, and getting acquainted with your new expat life, we are an open book. Let us guide you to an amazing life abroad!


We couldn’t do without these following resources while living in and traveling around Thailand.



Agoda is a great resource for booking hotels, guesthouses, and hostels in Thailand. A free membership also allows you to earn points from your bookings, which can be later applied for a discounted rate on your next room.


Don’t want to pay international shipping fees for your online purchases? opens the world to online shopping in Thailand. Gone are the days of asking visiting friends or family to smuggle goodies in their luggage.

SEE TEFL, a TEFL Course in Chiang Mai


This effective teaching training course offered by SEE TEFL prepares you for teaching English as a foreign language. This four-week course also offers paid internship opportunities and assists graduates with job placement.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN

Have you ever tried streaming Netflix in Thailand? Well, you can’t unless you have a VPN. Traveling abroad can often lead to online content restriction such as this. Browse the internet securely and anonymously.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet

We keep track of our budget using this app, and have been for two years. It keeps track of our expenses, adjusts to local currency, has daily and monthly spending goals, unlimited categories, and exporting options.

World Nomads Insurance

World Nomads

Excellent traveler’s insurance that goes beyond covering getting sick. Lost luggage, accidents, or canceled flights, World Nomads Insurance is perfect for the long-term traveler.



Although it’s pretty common to default to using Google Maps when looking up directions for a place, it is unreliable for locating places in Thailand. Nostra is a much better alternative for maps and directions in Thailand.



Forget TripAdvisor or Yelp while in Thailand. For authentic Thai restaurant reviews written up by local Thai clientele, use this site. Reviews, pictures, and accurate locations of everything from five star restaurants to even street stalls!
NOTE: This is a Thai site and requires Google translation



This tool is great to use for comparing international insurance plans. There are many out there with varying degrees of coverage, but BrokerFish provides you with a broad overlook of available policies and makes the information easy to understand


If you’re interested in starting your own blog, here are a few of the tools we use.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Designing a website’s look has been made easy with this premium WordPress theme. WordPress has paired with Elegant Themes and offers 87 different themes to choose from plus shortcodes and page templates to make a sleek looking site. If you’re just starting out, WordPress does offer free themes, too.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Having a good hosting platform is essential for your site. A2 Hosting is great if you’re more established and will give you the disk space and bandwidth you need for a well functioning site.

Email Marketing Software and Autoresponder


Collecting, designing, and sending emails with a tool like GetResponse makes things simple. It also helps with automation, keeps track of your email statistics, and offers landing pages. Plus it offers a free trial.

Disclosure: The following resource list contains some affiliate links. If you choose to click on them, we may earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win situation! You get to use products and services that are personally used and recommended by us and we get to keep our blog running.

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