Do you want to write a guest post for TielandtoThailand.com?

If you’re a travel blogger, a budding writer, or just a regular person who wants to share your experience about living or traveling in Thailand, you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking for travel tales, best tips, inspirational stories, and top places to go and things to do articles. Please read the guest post guidelines below before submitting your idea(s).

Guest Post Guidelines

We’re accepting concise, informative, yet personable guest posts on our blog. This is a chance to showcase your personality and expertise on a subject by answering important questions such as:

  • Who does this benefit or who is this a good fit for?
  • What can I expect or learn from this experience?
  • How do I prepare for this? / What do I need to pack?
  • Where is it and how can I get there?

Your goal should be to provide readers with enough information that they don’t have to look elsewhere for answers that solve a problem or that satiate their curiosity of a place or activity. At the end of the post, readers should feel fully confident that they can experience what you did and replicate your adventure. Your guest post should also be written with the intent of being the best version out there!


Our readers consist of both expats and travelers who have one thing on the brain: Thailand. Here are a few things that they like to read:

  • Adventure travel in Thailand (hiking, diving, biking, and other tours)
  • Things to do or see that are unique to a particular Thai city
  • Thai food and drink
  • Self-guided tours in Thailand
  • Day or weekend trips near a Thai city

Submission: Personal Experience Stories

If you unable to adhere to our guest post requirements, your article will not be published.

  • Copy should be at least 750 words but no more than 1,500 words. It must be well written and contain high-quality content. It must be about your experience and demonstrate personal knowledge of a place, activity, or tips.
  • The topic must be relevant to Thailand and must be relevant to our readers (travelers and expats). If you need to, spend a few minutes looking through our site to get a feel for our content.
  • Must have a focused keyword. Please make sure that it has not already been written about ad nauseam (i.e., The Grand Palace in Bangkok) or that it has not been written about on our site.
  • Please include plenty of useful details and information. Our readers should be able to replicate your adventure without confusion or immediately put your tips to good use. Do not be overly generic.
  • At least five photos (including the header photo) that are high-resolution, preferably edited, and measure 1000px wide by 450px to 650px tall (landscape only). They must be your own photos. Collages are allowed. If you want us to share your post on Pinterest, please create a Pinterest photo with dimension 0.5625:1 with a minimum width of 400px.
  • All external links will be no-follow with the exception of the link to your personal blog.
  • Include a short bio about yourself (1-3 sentences) with links to social media and/or your personal blog. Please include a headshot.
  • Content must be unique and can neither be published elsewhere nor republished in the future.
ATTENTION copywriters, companies, and company representatives: These guest post guidelines do NOT apply to promotional articles for products or services. These guidelines are for budding writers, fellow travel bloggers, and regular folks who want to share their personal stories with a wider audience. If you’re directly or indirectly affiliated with a particular product or service and wish to promote it, please visit our Work With Us page.

What will you write about?

If you have a great story to share on Tieland to Thailand, please email us your idea at tielandtothailand (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll let you know if it’s a good fit and then you’ll get the thumbs up to write the article.

Thank you for your passion and excitement in sharing an experience that will help and inspire others who want to know more about traveling around and living in Thailand.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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