This rant encompasses my thoughts just before I quit my job and has been parked in my draft folder for quite sometime. I wrote it on the ride home from work after Angela picked me up on the day before I submitted my written letter of resignation. After reading this for the first time since the evening I wrote it, our lives have changed so much. We now live with a new-found freedom in our lives. Our daily lives are free from the distractions of the rat race and tedious mind numbing routines. Yes, there are new challenges that we face, but doing something fulfilling takes away the feelings of “I guess I have to do this…” and replaces them with feelings of “I can’t wait to do this!” Working on projects that you are fully inspired by and invested in makes all the difference.

Here goes…

Thoughts Before I Quit My Job

So the time is upon me. The time to consider more thoroughly how I will end my employment at my current place of work. The time to finally quit my job. It has been a hard decision to be faced with, and it consumes me with the feeling of fear of burning bridges in the process. (I guess it is out in the open now, huh!?) Of course there is part of me that wants dearly to stay late one evening, clean out my office, and simply leave, never to be heard from again. Instead, I will be the professional my coworkers know me to be and put in my formal two weeks notice, followed up with a written letter of resignation. I will exit quietly.

Quit my job

Last days at work. By this point I have my shed suit and tie…and my enthusiasm

No, there will not be any grand speech or any rant about what I dislike about the company. My internal revolution is what I have been secretly planning during the long work days over the last year. My big exit will entail me selling the last few things that own me and checking out of the “box life”.

“Wait a second Chris…what is the ‘box life’?” you ask. Let me explain, as it is very simple.

A Day in the Box Life

  • Wake up in your overly expensive box home
  • Sit in traffic in your box car
  • Arrive at your box job
  • Mindlessly stare at a glowing box all day
  • Sit in traffic in your box car
  • Arrive back to your overly expensive box home
  • Stare at your 55″ glowing box as it tells you that you need bigger and better boxes
  • Repeat

The box life is filled with many different types of boxes, and my box job is what society would tell you is very decent and good. I work as an Operations Manager for a small government contractor. It makes for an easy commute, pays well, provides great benefits, and offers a decent retirement plan. What more could I ask for, right? In this economy I should be thankful to even have a job, right?

Well, for one, it does not fulfill me as a human being anymore. In recent months, I am having a really hard time differentiating between the day, weeks, and even months. My younger years in life are slipping away before my own eyes and I cannot bear to let it go on any longer. Like some of you, I honestly feel like I have worked on the same spreadsheet for three years now, and in some respects, I have.

I know some people might say that I am being selfish for wanting to just up and quit my job. Well you want to know something? They are right, and I have absolutely no shame in saying so, but by no means am I ungrateful or unappreciative of the opportunities that have been given to me. I have both amazing coworkers and leaders that truly care, and our bonds will remain strong for a long time to come. At the end of the day it simply comes down to the fact that this type of life is not for me, and that is not because of any one person that I work with, or for. My heart is just not into working to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of other people, and at this point I am ready to abandon that societal norm to pursue what moves me.

Quit my job explore

Feeling Free

“What will I do if I do not have a “real” job?” one may ask. My answer to that is a simple one – anything that I want to do. Mainly, work to generate a passive income through less conventional ways. One that is substantial enough to provide me with the means to be able to travel and work on any personal projects that capture my interest. I do not need, nor do I desire to live on what I am currently making. My salary and “stuff” will no longer define me. I will live to experience new countries, cultures, and to tackle personal goals.

Since beginning to ponder the thought of checking out of “the box,” I have found it hard to concentrate on anything other than hopping a flight to Southeast Asia, walking the narrow people filled streets, and just take it all in. Being that Angela and I made the trip to Thailand in October 2012 for our honeymoon, it only makes the thought more real and achievable. We have a little more than 45 days to sell the rest of our belongings, part with our apartment, and spend a little time with our understandably apprehensive friends and loved ones. We have to make the most of the time we have and unfortunately, my job is getting in the way.

That is why I have decided to make my last day at work Monday February 4, 2013. Thirty days out from the day we fly to Thailand.

Quit my job baggage

Everything we own the night before we boarded our one way plane to Thailand

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my inner thoughts and ramblings – the thoughts racing through my head right before I was finally about to reach the completion of my hard-fought yearlong plan to quit my job and exit the corporate rate race indefinitely.

Now, am I suggesting that everyone quit their jobs, sell their stuff, and jump on a plane to a foreign land halfway around the world?

Not at all, unless of course that is what you want to do.

Am I suggesting that there aren’t any people out there that actually enjoy what they do?

No, a small minority undoubtedly have landed their dream jobs and everything is probably going great in their lives. What I am suggesting is that if you aren’t one of these lucky few, then stop wasting your time fulfilling someone else’s dreams, goals, or target profit margin.

Are you going to get rich?

I don’t know yet. You probably won’t become a millionaire, but the experiences you gain will substantially enrich your life passed what the nine-to-five has to offer. Way beyond the next promotion, or the next employee of the month award.

Is everyday going to be a vacation?

No, you will probably work harder than you do now, but with that said, it will personally and intimately mean something more to you.

Will you become a more complete person with sole authority over your life?

Yes, you will literally call all the shots and make all the important decisions. The decisions that will directly influence whether you succeed or fail. Sound appealing?

Let me be the one to remind you that this is your life. Start doing what means something to you…whatever it is! This may require some thought. If you are like I was and so enthralled in someone else’s agenda, it is easy to forget what once made you excited. I challenge you to spend the rest of the day, week, or even month trying to remember who you are and reacquainting yourself with that person. The person you used to be before you jumped headfirst into the nine-to-five. You know? Before you said, “If I get this good paying job, I will be able to do all the things I have ever wanted to do, and buy the things I have always wanted to have.” Even the things you didn’t know you needed to buy before someone in that glowing box told you that you did.

Although, if you have found a way to somehow buy more time, we are all ears.

Quit my job explore
Remember the bridge will always be there when you are ready to cross it

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