12 Amazing Thing to Do in Chiang Mai
We’ve lived in Chiang Mai for a few years and have tried hundreds of places in and around the Old City. Whether you’re into culture and food, pampering yourself, or into exploring what the nearby mountains have to offer, here are some of our favorite things to do in Chiang Mai.

Go to a Thai Cooking School

Things to Do in Chiang Mai: Thai Cooking School
Thai food features an incredible balance of sweet, spicy, tangy, and salty flavors. Conveniently enough, many Thai dishes can be easily prepared even by the most novice cook. Although there are dozens of Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai, our experience at Best Trip Cooking School rocked. Our instructor is temporarily taking a break from teaching, but her friend at Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School comes highly recommended.

Eat at the North and South Gate Food Stalls

Want to try Thai street food? The food stalls at the Chang Puak (north) and Chiang Mai (south) Gates along the Old City’s square moat are not only easy to find but they offer a great variety of Thai dishes, too. From stir-fries and curries to vegetarian food, fruit smoothies, and Thai desserts, this is a fun and easy way to sample Thai food on a budget.

TIP: The Chiang Mai Gate is easier to order from because the majority of the vendors offer English menus. Plus, we’ve dedicated an entire post about how to order from these food stalls and what you can find there.

Walk Among the Clouds at Doi Inthanon

Valleys below Doi Inthanon
If you want to spend some time in the outdoors and experience some breathtaking views, visit the Doi Inthanon National Park. About an hour and a half drive from Chiang Mai’s Old City, the national park is home to Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain. There are temples, flower gardens, waterfalls, caves, and stunning hiking trails. Make it a day trip or spend the night in a Thai-styled bungalow.

Shop at Extravagant Malls

Cool off in the air conditioning and meander through any one of Chiang Mai’s malls. Featuring movie theaters, familiar Western brands, and a great selection of international food options, we recommend checking out just how spectacular the MAYA, Promenada, or Central Festival Malls are. No third-world country here! In fact, they’ll probably give your malls back home a run for their money.

Take a Temple Tour + Monk Chat

Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of temples. Although we’ve only been to a fraction of them in and near the Old City, we think Wat Sri Suphan and Wat Umong are among the most stunning. Wat Sri Suphan is the only temple in Thailand made entirely of silver and located less than one kilometer south of the Old City’s square moat. Wat Umong is peacefully situated in shady groves and moss-covered brick caves about two kilometers directly west of the Old City’s square moat. Another favorite of first-timers is Wat Chedi Luang. It’s in the heart of the city and offers a unique service – chatting with local monks!

Today we introduced our family to some of the Old City’s highlights. Wat Chedi Luang never fails to inspire… #ChiangMai #Thailand

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Learn About Northern Thai Lanna Culture

In the heart of the Old City is the Lanna Folk Museum. What was once an old royal residence, its rich art displays offer insight into the colorful Lanna culture of the northern Thai people. Spend an hour browsing there and then hop over to the Cultural and Arts Center just across the street for more.

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These week-long itineraries are a collaboration of the best things to do in Chiang Mai plus our personal recommendations for hotels, restaurants, vehicle rentals, and more. Perfect for:

  • Adventure seekers
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  • Culture lovers
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Enjoy High Tea in the Thai Country

Things to Do in Chiang Mai: High Tea
For a unique East meets West cultural experience, try dining on English pastries and tea surrounded by beautiful Thai surroundings. Treat yourself to an afternoon enjoying a variety of muffins, scones, other sweets, and finger sandwiches in addition to several coffees, teas, and juices. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The Dhara Dhevi, Four Seasons, and Anantara are three beautiful places to try.

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Spa Treatment or Cheap Thai Massage

Any guidebook will mention getting a Thai massage as one of the top things to do in Chiang Mai. The luxury treatments and spa packages are so affordable here that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a facial or aromatic oil massage at some of Chiang Mai’s finest spas such as De Chai Spa, Oasis Spa, and Fah Lanna Spa. They’ll cost a fraction of what you’d typically pay in other countries.

On the other end of the spectrum, try a cheap Thai or foot massage. There are several massage shops on Loi Kro Road (across the street from the Raming Lodge) that offer a satisfying 30-minute foot massage or back and shoulder for less than 3 USD. As an added bonus, you can enjoy a cool evening breeze and people watch as patrons from the nearby bar and club scene meander down the road in your direction.

Play With Elephants

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai
One of the most memorable things to do in Chiang Mai is spending the day with elephants. Our experience at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was captivating, soul satiating, and unforgettable. It’s one of the very few elephant parks in Thailand that treats their elephants humanely; there’s no riding, no tricks, and no performances! We’re happy to be part of the movement for responsible tourism and encourage others to do the same. The Elephant Nature Park is another popular organization and a great alternative.

Climb Waterfalls

Things to Do in Chiang Mai: Climb Sticky Waterfalls
A must see activity for nature lovers! This incredible set of waterfalls, dubbed the Sticky Waterfalls (also known as Bua Tong Waterfalls), is unusual due to a natural limestone deposit that creates a non-slippery rock surface on which to climb up against the cascading waters. Beautiful, refreshing, and relaxing.

Visit Hill Tribe People

Hill tribe girls in Chiang Mai

One of the most incredible ways to see the untouched side of Thailand is to visit an authentic hill tribe village in the quiet countryside of Chiang Mai. We enjoyed a two-day hill tribe tour and homestay experience with Thailand Hilltribe Holidays, a company that connects travelers with locals in a respectful and ethical way. Touring outdoor markets, eating home-cooked Thai meals, walking through rice fields, and taking in the life and culture of a Karen hill tribe community is a truly unique experience only found in Northern Thailand.

Indulge a Beer Buffet

Beer is cheap in Thailand, but 189 baht (5.50 USD!) all you can drink beer buffet from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm is a steal. Enjoy a posh outdoor atmosphere and live soul, funk, and pop music at Rush Bar located in Nimmanhaemin on Soi 9.

Transportation in Chiang Mai

In our experience, Chiang Mai is one of the easiest cities in Thailand to get around. It has a plethora of private and public transportation options, the city’s layout is easy to navigate, and other drivers are generally respectable.

If you prefer to drive your own vehicle, you can easily rent a car (starting around 1,200 THB or 35 USD per day) or a motorbike and explore on your terms.

The Old City, which is bounded by the square moat, is also very easy to walk or rent a bicycle (for about 50 baht a day). It’s pretty effortless to hail a songthaew (a red truck taxi) or take a Grab Car. Get 100 THB off your first ride when you download the Grab app and use our discount code: GRABTIETOTHAI (or just sign up with here).

Chiang Mai is also a gateway to other cities in the country because there are two bus stations (north), a train station (east), and an airport (southwest) within a few miles of the moat.

Guesthouses and Hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has countless places to stay in. From hostels and guesthouses to hotels and villas, there’s something here for any budget and taste. Here are the gems we’ve found in town:

Backpacker Hotel in Chiang Mai: Be Beez Cafe & Guesthouse

Shared Dorms from 5 USD

This backpacker-friendly hostel is in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old City. The hostess, Bee, may even show you around town.

Boutique Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: London Tearoom

Deluxe Rooms from 25 USD

The boutique guesthouse is decorated with authentic Londonite items. Run by a fun Thai and British couple who bake their own pastries and blend their own teas. Located on a quiet street in Nimmanhaemin.

Thai Guesthouse in Chiang Mai: Ruen Come In

Double Rooms from 48 USD

This relaxing boutique guesthouse has teakwook furniture and northern Thai decor. Conveniently located between the Old City and the trendy Nimmanhaemin area.

Modern Hotel in Chiang Mai: Kantary Hills

Studio Suite from 95 USD

Sleek, modern hotel with many Western amenities. Onsite pool, restaurant with delicious brunch and dinner buffets, and just a short walk from the hip Nimmanhaemin area.

Luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai: Amata Lanna Chiang Mai Hotel

Double Deluxe from 120 USD

Nestled in a rain forest garden, this teak hotel is has Lanna-style furnishings in a luxurious colonial setting. Situated just south of the famous Night Bazaar and a stone’s throw from the Ping River.

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